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7th grd. Final Exam

Smith Social Studies 7th grade Final Exam Study Guide.

Greece: What caused the development of small independent states in Ancient Greece The Pindus Mountains separated the independent states
Greece: Where did the Assembly take place in Greece, what system of government is this? The Assembly took place in the Agora. It was called a Democracy.
Greece: What is the Hellenistic Era. Who started it? The Hellenistic Era was led by Alexander the Great. It was the Greek Culture spread and mixed with other cultures.
China: Physical features that isolated China. Mountains, deserts, and oceans
China: How did the Chinese increase the amount of land they could farm? Terraces.
China: Three Chinese Philosophies? Which had the greatest impact? Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Confucianism had the greatest impact.
China: Which Dynasty ruled by Shi Huangdi and used Legalism. The Qin Dynasty.
China: Why was the Great Wall built? To protect against the against the North Mongolians
China: Which chinese dynasty expanded trade and achieved many accomplishments? The Han dynasty expanded trade and accomplished many great feats.
China: What kind of products travels out on the Silk Road? Silk and Jade were traded FROM China
China: How did Buddhism travel into China? Buddhism came from India on the Silk Road into China.
India: Identify the accomplishments of the Mauryan and Gupta Empires. Mauryan; their calvary, construction of temples. Gupta; Golden Age, Prosperity.
India: How do Monsoons affect the climate of India? Monsoons blow the cold air into the hot air.
India: Identify the differences between the pastoralists and agragain. Pastoralists; nomadic, herd animals Agragain; sedimentary, farm, trade
India: Who were the Aryans? What effects did they brig to India? The Aryans were Central Asian and they conquered India and spread their culture and ideas throughout India.
India: What physical features are in the subcontinent of India? Himalaya Mountains, Eastern-Western Ghat.
Religion: Define monotheism and polytheism. Monotheism; Belief in one god Polytheism; Belief in many gods
Religion: Shiva, Moska, and cows are sacred, Reincarnation are part of what religion? Hinduism
Religion: Nirvana, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path i which religion? Buddhism
Religion: Similarities between Buddhism and Hinduism Both believe in Karma, Dharma, Moshka, and Reincarnation
Religion: What religion is this? Koran, Five Pillars, Founded in Southwest Asia. Islamic
Religion: What are and Where do the three major religions originate? Christianity, Judaism, Islamic. Jesus Christ
Religion: Basic beliefs of the three major religions? Believe in one. Jesus created life.
Egypt: Why is Egypt called "The Gift of the Nile"? Egypt is the "Gift of the Nile" because without the Nile Egypt would not have survived.
Rome: What form of government formed in Rome? A Republic
Rome: Why were Romans influenced by the Greeks and Etruscans? Rome was part of the many trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea.
Rome: How did the Greeks and Etruscans influence Rome? Their culture, government, and architecture
Rome: Who were the Patricians, Plebeians? Patricians; Wealthy landowners Plebeians: Poor farmers
Rome: What were the written laws in Rome and what was the idea behind them? The Twelve Tables. The Idea was so that everyone knew the laws and punishments of their actions.
Rome: What are the advantages of having written laws? So that no one can change them or say that they didn't know what the law was.
Rome: What led to the decline of the WESTERN Empire? Poor leadership, rebels, and violence.
Key Terms: Huang He, Nile, and Indus are what kind of civilizations? River Civilizations
Key Terms: Golden age? Time of peace, and advancements in science, technology, architecture,astrology, and language.
Key Terms: Cultural Diffusion? The combining of different cultures and ideas.
Key Terms: City-state, Empire, and Civilization? City-state; a city and its surrounding area. Empire; a group of territories under one ruler or government. Civilizations; Complex societies with cities, organized governments, art, religion, social classes, and language.
Key Terms: Pax Romana, Pax Sinica Pax Romana; Peace in Rome Pax Sinica; Peace in Greece
Created by: arw1215



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