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Gr 7 History Ch 15

Grade 7 History Ch 15 Review - People

Julius Caesar conquered the Celts about 50 years before the birth of Christ
Augustine the first archbishop of Canterbury
Alfred the Great the first great king of England
Canute the Dane the Viking who ruled England, Denmark, and Norway as a great empire
William, Duke of Normandy the man who became known as William the Conqueror after defeating Harold Godwin at the Battle of Hastings in 1066
Henry II the first in the line of Plantagenet kings
Richard I the English king known for his love of Crusades
King Job the most hated kin of English history
Simon de Monfort called was is remembered as the first meeting of Parliament in 1265
Edward I the king whose "model Parliament" resulted in representative government becoming a regular feature of English government
Joan of Arc led the French army in the Hundred Years' War
Henry IV the first king in the Lancastrian dynasty
Henry VII the first Tudor king of Englan
Henry VIII the English monarch who divorced Catherine of Aragon because he wanted a male heir; the king who broke from the Catholic church and made himself head of the Church of England
Edward IV Henry VIII's only male heir under whose rule Protestantism progressed
Mary I the queen who resolved to return the English nation to the Roman church and became known as "Bloody Mary" because about 300 persons were martyred during her reign.
John Foxe English historian that wrote the Book of Matyrs
Elizabeth I "The Virgin Queen" who was beloved for her remarkable character and extraordinary performance as ruler of England
Philip II the king of Spain who was determined to overthrow Elizabeth and make the Catholic queen of Scotland queen of England
Mary Stuart the Queen of the Scots whose mother planned to depose Elizabeth to make Mary queen of England
John Knox the outstanding leader of the Scottish Reformation
William the Silent, Prince of Orange the leader who led the Dutch patriots in defense of Protestantism in the Netherlands and became known as the "father of his country"
John Hawkins the one who built up the English fleet
Sir Francis Drake the Englishman who attacked and raided Spanish ships with Elizabeth;s knowledge and approval
William Shakespeare perhaps the greatest writer the world has ever known; the author of 38 plays that were performed at Globe Theater
James I the first Stuart king of England who had scholars produce the King James or Authorized Version of the Bible
Charles I the "Man of Blood" who was tried and executed by Cromwell's army
Oliver Cromwell the military genius who became Lord Protector of England after the English Civil War
Charles II the king under whom the monarchy was fully restored by 1662
James II the king who tried unsuccessfully to reimpose Romanism on England
William III and Mary II the king and queen of England as a result of the Glorious Revolution
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