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Ch. 11 & 12 Review


__________________ was known as the “man of steel” and led the Soviet Union for over 25 years. Joseph Stalin
__________________ was known as IL Duce, the chief, and became dictator of Italy in the 1920s. Benito Mussolini
_____________ was Hitler’s book that laid out the basic beliefs of Nazism. Mein Kampf
________________ was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933 and established the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler
_______________ became the Fascist dictator of Spain after winning a civil war in the 1930s. Francisco Franco
President ____________________________ made the famous “Quarantine Speech” in which he called on peace-loving nations to isolate aggressor nations in order to stop the spread of war. Franklin Roosevelt
____________ was the first country invaded by Hitler.
The _______________________ was an agreement signed by Hitler and the French and British prime ministers, allowing Hitler to take the Sudetenland if he promised to not take any more land. Munich Pact
_______________________________ was the prime minister of Great Britain who approved the Munich Pact and was cheered by his people for securing peace. Neville Chamberlain
A _________________________ pact was signed by Joseph Stalin of the Soviet Union and Hitler of Germany in which the two sides agreed not to attack one another. non-aggression
_________ is another name for the lightning war that Germany wrought on Poland. blitzkrieg
____________________ was a site of a rescue mission where 340,000 Allied troops were ferried across the English Channel to safety. Dunkirk
______________________ was a French commander who headed the Nazi puppet government in Vichy. Henri Petain
_______________ was a French general who established a government -in-exile in England. Charles De Gaulle
Germany’s advances were stopped in this air battle: ___________________________ Battle of Britain
__________________ became the prime minister of Britain in May 1940 and declared, “We shall never surrender.” Winston Churchill
_______________________ was an auxiliary branch of the military in which women served. WAAC
More than 1 million of this minority group served in the military and finally saw combat in the last year of the war ____________ African Americans
_________________ comprised 1/3 of the workforce in war industries but were discriminated against when it came to their pay. Women
After Pearl Harbor, over 110,000 _______________________________ were put into internment camps. Japanese-Americans
In the ___________________________________ , the Allies were able to find and destroy German U-boats faster than they could build them. Battle of the Atlantic
______________ was the name of the German air force. Lutwaffe
The Soviets lost 1,250,000 soldiers and civilians, but after the Soviet victory in the Battle of _____________________ the Soviet army began to move steadily westward toward Germany. Battle of Stalingrad
_____________________was the code name for the invasion of North Africa. Operation Torch
____________________ led Allied troops in Operation Torch and eventually became the supreme commander of European operations. Dwight D. Eisenhower
_________________________ was known as the Desert Fox. Erwin Rommel
_______________ was a battle 40 miles outside of Rome that left 25,000 and 30,000 Axis troops dead. Bloody Anzio
_______________ was the code name for D-Day, the invasion of Normandy, France on June 6, 1944. Operation Overlord
__________________ was the general in charge of the Third Army who freed Paris. Charles Patton
_____________________________ was a last ditch effort by Hitler to break the Allied line in which the Germans were defeated, and resulted in the Nazis being forced to retreat from that point on in the war. Battle of the Bulge
__________ was the name given to the day the Germans surrendered. V-E Day
The _________________________ stripped Jews of their civil rights and property if they tried to leave Germany. Nuremberg Laws
_________________ was when Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish homes, businesses, and synagogues across Germany. Krystallnacht (Crystal Night)
The _____________________ refers to the systematic murder of 11 million people across Europe-more than half of whom were Jews. Holocaust
___________ was the largest death camp in Poland. Auschwitz
General __________________________ pledged, “I shall return,” as he was forced to abandon the Philippines. Douglas MacArthur
Colonel ____________________________ led the raids on Tokyo and 4 other Japanese cities on April 18, 1942. James Doolittle
The Japanese were forced to turn back for the first time in this battle for Australia. ____________________________ Battle of Coral Sea
________________ was the supreme commander of the American naval forces. Charles Nimitz
Outnumbered 4 to 1, the Americans won a surprise victory in this battle that was the turning point in the war in the Pacific. Battle of Midway
_________________________ was a strategy to bypass Japanese strongholds and seize less-well-fortified islands. island hopping
____________ in the Solomon Islands was called the Island of Death by the Japanese. Guadalcanal
The Japanese Navy was all but destroyed in this battle in which MacArthur retook the Philippines Battle of Leyte Gulf
___________ were suicide plane attacks. Kamikaze
In the Battle for ________________ more than 6,000 marines defeated 20,700 Japanese troops and then raised the American flag in triumph. Iwo Jima
________________ became president when Roosevelt died on April 12, 1945. Harry Truman
___________ was the code name for the atomic bomb program. The Manhattan Project
An atomic bomb was dropped on __________________ on August 6, 1945. Hiroshima
The _________________________ was international tribunal that tried Nazi war criminals. Nuremberg Trials
This Japanese general and premier was sentenced to death for war crimes. Hideki Tojo
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