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Ch. 10 Review

The Great Depression

_________________________ , a Democrat, defeated _________________ , a Republican, in 1932 and was elected three more times to the office of presidency as he led his nation throughout the Great Depression and World War II. Franklin Roosevelt; Herbert Hoover
______________ was a Senator from Louisiana who turned against FDR’s New Deal and proposed a nationwide program called Share Our Wealth. He was assassinated in 1935 at the height of his popularity. Huey Long
___________________ was a photographer whose pictures documented American life during the Great Depression. One of her most famous pictures was entitled Migrant Mother . Dorothea Lange
__________________ was the first female cabinet member. Frances Perkins
______________ an African-American educator, was appointed head of the Office of Minority Affairs. She helped organize a “Black Cabinet” of influential African Americans to advise the Roosevelt administration on racial issues. Mary McLeod Bethune
The ______________________________ was an alignment of various groups, including urban, immigrant, African-American, and southern whites dedicated to supporting the Democratic party. New Deal Coalition
_______________________ wrote the classic novel Grapes of Wrath which focuses on the difficulties faced by people who, forced off the Great Plains during the Dust Bowl, move to California. John Steinbeck
____________________________ established the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), with the greater goal of restoring public confidence in the banking system. Glass-Steagall Banking Act
_____________________ provided direct relief in the form of food and clothing to the neediest people hit by the Depression-the unemployed, the aged, & the ill. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
______________________ helped to create prosperity in a poverty-stricken region by providing funds to build and repair dams, flood-control projects, and power plants. Tennessee Valley Authority
___________________ paid farmers to lower production and, in some cases, to destroy crops, with the greater goal of raising crop prices and farm income. AAA
_____________________________ put almost 3 million young men to work building roads, developing parks, and helping in soil-erosion and flood-control projects. Civilian Conservation Corps
____________________ required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offerings, with the greater goal of restoring public confidence in the stock market. Federal Securities Act
____________________ authorized the Treasury Department to inspect all banks and to close those that were unsound, with the greater goal of restoring public confidence in the banking system. Emergency Banking Relief Act
_______________________ created an administration that set fair prices on many products and established labor standards, with the greater goal of ensuring fair business practices and promoting industrial growth. NIRA
_____________________________ established jobs in construction, garment making, teaching, the arts, and other fields. Works Progress Administration
_____________________ provided young Americans, including high school and college students, with aid and employment. National Youth Administration
____________________ is also known as the National Labor Relations Act and was enacted in 1935 to protect workers’ rights as it established the National Labor Relations Board to settle disputes between employers and employees. Wagner Act
_____________________ established a minimum wage and a maximum workweek and prohibited children under 16 from working in factories. Fair Labor & Standards Act
____________________ provided a pension for retired workers and their spouses and aided people with disabilities. Social Security Act
___________________ was passed in 1934 to supervise the country’s Stock Commission Exchanges and eliminate dishonest practices. SEC
The _______________ , which established the National Recovery Administration and the ________________ , which aided farmers and regulated crop production, were struck down as unconstitutional. NIRA; AAA
Roosevelt lost support when he tried to pack the _______________________with justices who supported his New Deal policies. Supreme Court
President Roosevelt boosted confidence through his ______________________ which were radio talks that he gave occasionally about issues of public concern, explaining in clear, simple language his New Deal measures. fireside chats
The Great Depression began with the stock market crash in ________________ and ended with the U.S. entry into WWII in _______. 1929; 1941
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