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Gr 7 History Ch 14

Grade 7 History Ch 14 Review - People

Ignatius Loyola a Spanish soldier who began the Jesuits
Ferdinand II the Holy Roman Emperor who was determined to return Bohemia to Romanism by force, if necessary
Christian IV the king who became the champion of Lutheran Protestantism
Gustavus Adolphus the great Luterhan warrior-king of Sweden who won many victories for the Protestant forces before he was killed in battle
Hapsbrug Family a family prominent in European politics for almost 900 years
Charlemagne the king under whose rule the Frankish kingdom reached its greatest extent
Hugh Capet the king whose coronation marks the birth of the French nation
Margrete of Denmark the "lady king" who united the countries of Scandinavia under one empire
Moors Muslims
Isabella and Ferdinand the joint rulers of Castile and Aragon who drove Jews and Muslims out of Spain
John I the king whose reign marked the beginning of Portugal's greatest days of glory
Prince Henry the Navigator an avid sailor and explorer who helped Portugal lead the way in the great age of exploration
Bartolomeu Dias the Portuguese explorer who sailed all the way to the tip of Afirca, the Cape of Good Hope
Vasco da Gama the first European to reach India by sailing around Africa
Pedro Cabral the Portuguese explorer who discovered Brazil
Created by: mbrennan262