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Gr 7 History Ch 13

Grade 7 History Ch 13 Review - Terms

Petrobrusians and Waldensians These are two of the groups that rose up during the Middle Ages to protest the way the established Roman church was distorting the truth.
Petrobrusians Followers of Peter of Bruis in Southern France. The
Waldensians Followers of Peter Waldo and were especially numerous in the Alps areas of Italy, France, and Switzerland
Lollards followers of John Wycliffe
heretic any baptized members of the Roman church who disagreed with any official church opinion
Hussites followers of John Huss
Gutenberg Bible the first printed edition of the Bible
simony the practice of purchasing church offices
Ninety-five Theses Luther's statements that were nailed to the church door in Wittenberg
popular education the education of all people rather than just a privileged few
University of Wittenberg the first Protestant university
Anabaptists a group whose members usually believed that only believers should be baptized and that would rebaptize people who had been baptized as infants
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