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Gr 7 History Ch 13

Grade 7 History Ch 13 Review - People

John Wycliffe the English scholar who had the entire Bible translated into English for the first time
John Huss the Bohemian preacher who led a movement for true Christianity in his country
Johann Gutenberg inventor of the movable-type printing press who produced the first printed edition of the Bible
Desiderius Erasmus the scholar of the Northern Renaissance known for his translation of the New Testament in the original Greek
Martin Luther the reformer who translated the New Testament into German, nailed his Ninety-five Theses to the Wittenberg church door, promoted popular education, and changed church services
Tetzel a friar who traveled through Germany selling indulgences and whose shameful selling tactics made Luther angry
Pope Leo X the pope who condemned Luther's Theses and excommunicated him
Frederick the Wise the prince who permitted Luther a hearing at the Diet of Augsburg
Charles V the emperor who called Luther to the Diet of Worms
Ulrich Zwingli the "people's priest" who began the Reformation in Zurich, Switzerland
John Calvin the French reformer who wrote the Institutes of the Christian Religion, which was probably the singly most influential book of the Protestant Reformation apart from the Bible
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