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Chapt 5 Review

Texas History Chapter 5

What was the land like in south Texas and what was it good for? It was flat & grassy; good for ranching
What was the land like in east Texas and what was it good for? It had plenty of rainfall and rich soil; good for farming
Why did most Mexicans not want to settle in Texas? Rivers weren’t deep enough in east Texas for transportation; hostile Native Americans
What did the colonization laws of 1823 and 1824 do? Granted large amounts of land; didn’t have to pay taxes for 6 years; had to become Mexican citizen; 1824 – gave control of granting contracts to the state governments
What were some jobs that Moses Austin had? Merchant (sold dry goods); miner (lead mining); banker
How did Moses Austin lose his fortune when he was in the Louisiana Territory (Missouri)? His bank failed because the speculators couldn’t pay back their loans
In what year did Moses Austin get his empresario contract from Spain? 1820
Who helped Moses Austin get this contract? Baron de Bastrop
Who was asked to take over the plans for settling after Moses Austin died? Stephen F. Austin
What happened in 1821 that would jeopardize Austin’s empresario contract? Mexico gained its independence
What did Stephen F. Austin offer to bring settlers to his colony? • Land for 12.5 cents an acre (compared to US for $1.25per acre)• Later he rebated most of the fees• A sitio of land for ranching plus and additional 177 acres for farming
What did the settlers have to do in return?  Had to become Mexican citizen Adopt Roman Catholic religion
Who were the Old Three Hundred? The first families of Austin’s colony
What were some of the problems SFA’s new colony had?  Austin was absent (in Mexico City) for a full year Drought (no rain fall) Karankawas Colony shrunk in size; Some colonists left & few came
How did Austin deal with some of these problems? He created a militia to protect the colonists from attacks by Native Americans; he called for new settlers
Describe what life was like for women in the colonies of Texas. It was very hard. They did not have any labor-saving devices; they had to make their own soap; few medicines and few doctors; made their clothing without sewing machines; watch over their children to keep them safe; no schools
Who moved to Austin’s colony and set up a hotel for immigrants? She was also called the “Mother of Texas”. Jane Long
Who wrote about the “many trials and troubles” that she and her family faced on the Texas frontier? Mary Crownover Rabb
What country had people come and settle in two colonies in Texas? Ireland (Irish)
Which empresario was very careful about recruiting the right “kind” or “type” of settlers? Stephen F. Austin
Which empresario tried to revolt against Mexico by declaring Texas an independent nation called the Republic of Fredonia? Haden Edwards
Which empresario received a contract to bring 400 families to Texas and founded the town of Gonzales? Green DeWitt
Who was the only Mexican empresario and founded the town of Victoria? Martin De Leòn
Who helped to promote settlement in Texas by writing about Texas history and offering guidance to new immigrants? Mary Austin Holley
By the mid-1830s, two regions existed in Texas. What were the two regions and who lived there? North Texas – Anglos (Americans who lived in Texas) & South Texas – Tejanos (people with Mexican ancestry who lived in Texas)
What was created to deal with settlers concerns about self-rule? Department of Nacogdoches, Bèxar & Brazos
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