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Ch. 3 Review

Growth of Industry

In which country did the Industrial Revolution begin? England
Where did the Industrial revolution start in the U.S.? New England textile mills
When did the U.S. become a great industrial nation? Between 1865 and 1900
Which natural resources did the U.S. have that helped it become an industrialized nation? ? Iron, coal, and oil
What is another name for the U.S. capitalist system? Free-enterprise
In what type of business is the owner held personally responsible for all the debts of the business? _ partnership
What type of business raises large amounts of money by selling shares of stock of the company? corporation
What do you call a company that controls an entire industry? monopoly
The idea that the government should not try to control business is called laissez-faire
Name the acts passed by Congress to regulate big business: Interstate Commerce Act, Sherman Antitrust Act
What are people who own shares in a company called? stockholders
What is capital? Capital is money used to earn more money
Who was the first female African American millionaire? Madam C. J. Walker
This inventor created a fast, cheap way to change iron into steel. Henry Bessemer
This inventor created the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell
This inventor created the electric light bulb. Thomas Edison
They created the airplane. Orville & Wilbur Wright
This inventor created a system that used electric power rather than steam engines to run trains. Granville T. Woods
This inventor created the moving assembly line. Henry Ford
This inventor created the telegraph. Samuel F.B. Morse
This person controlled the oil industry. John D. Rockefeller
This person controlled the railroads. Cornelius Vanderbilt
This person controlled the steel mills. Andrew Carnegie
This person made millions with hair care products . Madam C. J. Walker
Created by: david.frost