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SS Chapter 11F


Speaker A: The problem of our schools today is that they are not relevant. Why do I need to know about Napoleon Bonaparte or the mechanical advantages of pulleys? I need courses that teach me about life, here and now. Speaker B: I had the right to attend a private school of my choice. I want the same right for my children, too. It is too bad that so many private schools have been forced to close. Speaker C: It is about time we cut out these frills in education and get back to fundamentals. We had be
2) Speaker A is probably a A) politician B) student C) teacher D) parent
3) Which speaker would favor increasing state and federal aid to parochial schools? A) A B) B C) C D) D
4) Which speaker would most likely want his children to receive the same kind of education that he or she received? A) A B) B C) E D) D
5) Which speaker is probably a teacher or school administrator? A) A B) B C) C D) D
6) The number of "ethnic studies" courses being offered in schools in the United States has been increasing. This is mainly the result of the growing recognition of the nation's A) growing numbers of elderly B) intellectual differences C) economic equality D) cultural diversity
7) Which disease defied many of the attempted medical cures of the 1980s and 1990s? A) AIDS B) smallpox C) hepatitis B D) polio
8) Many deadly diseases in the past have been wiped out by modern medicine. What did Dr. Jonas Salk develop that introduced a mild form of a disease which strengthened the body's defenses? A) a vaccine B) an artificial heart C) a dialysis machine D) a chromosome map
9) Why have lasers often been used in many medical procedures? A) to reduce rejection of transplanted organs B) to alter DNA C) to reduce bleeding from incisions D) to kill bacteria
10) How have fiber-optic cables advanced communications? A) They made radio signals clearer. B) They allowed cable television to be developed. C) They helped to improve post office delivery systems. D) They increased the amount of information cables could carry.
11) What form of technology uses probes of light along thin strands of glass? A) coaxial cables B) radio waves C) fiber optics D) electricity
12) Which one of the following industries was the most-recently developed? A) coal B) radar systems C) ready-made clothing D) atomic bomb
13) Which one of the following businesses utilizes the latest development in technology and science? A) invention of the automobile B) use of electronics in industry C) use of radio networks D) direct communication with inhabitants living on other planets
14) What development of the late 20th century allowed computer users to get information or send information over a worldwide network? A) Automated Teller Machines (ATM) B) radar systems C) Internet D) CAT scanners
Which one of the following best states the main idea of the cartoon? A) Easy availability of information may be a threat to privacy. B) Faulty machinery can be dangerous to a person's health. C) Data processing has become a necessary occupation. D) Ready access to a wide variety of information is essential.
16) What nation has dominated space exploration since 1990? A) United States B) Russia C) China D) France
17) What has been a major benefit of the exploration of space by the United States? A) a decrease in tensions with Communist China B) the discovery and use of natural resources from outer space C) a decrease in military spending D) the development of weather and communication satellites
18) What government agency is responsible for the American space program? A) CCC B) NRA C) NASA D) EPA
19) What NASA space shuttle exploded shortly after liftoff in 1986? A) Apollo 13 B) Columbia C) Discovery D) Challenger
20) Why was the space shuttle considered to be an improvement over the rocket? A) It had the capacity to fly farther and faster. B) It could accommodate more than one scientist. C) It was indestructible. D) It was reusable.
What is the main idea of the cartoon? A) demand for increased hospital security B) requests for more hospital visitor parking C) necessity for better medical hospitals D) need for reform in the cost of health care
Speaker A: What we need in this country is stronger law enforcement. Citizens deserve to be protected from criminals in our society. Speaker B: People who commit crimes are sick. Locking a person like that in prison without help is like punishing someone for having a disease. Speaker C: There would be less crime if murderers were publicly executed. We should go back to the concept of "an eye for an eye." Speaker D: Prisons in the United States are overcrowded and understaffed. Most of the prisone
23) Which speaker most likely believes that severely punishing criminals will prevent other people from committing crimes? A) A B) B C) C D) D
24) Speaker A would most likely support a law which allows A) building of additional maximum-security prisons B) the release of prisoners who have had psychological guidance C) the release of prisoners so they can work in neighborhood factories D) increased vocational training programs for prisoners
25) Which two speakers would agree that many judges are too lenient with criminals? A) A and C B) B and C C) C and D D) B and D
26) What term best describes people who support the control of pollution and coexistence with nature? A) archaeologists B) anarchists C) environmentalists D) anthropologists
27) Which one of the following activities would an environmentalist most likely support? A) cutting down forests to make room for new housing developments B) strip mining the land to harvest valuable resources C) development of solar energy systems to heat homes D) construction of nuclear power plants to provide lower-cost power
28) In the United States, which one of the following groups has been consistently and actively opposed to the sale of federal land reserves? A) power companies B) environmentalists C) politicians D) labor unions
29) What issue is being presented in the cartoon? A) space exploration B) terrorism C) pollution D) conservation
30) Who would most likely use this cartoon to encourage citizens to solve the issue shown? A) an economist B) an environmentalist C) an industrialist D) an explorer
31) Concerns about chemical food additives, nuclear energy, and the effects of industrial pollution suggest that A) the federal government does nothing to protect consumers B) scientific progress can create problems C) researchers are only involved with developing new products D) science has found solutions to all of our problems
32) What do the Earth Summit, the EPA, and the Clean Air Act attempt to improve? A) space travel B) reliable fuel sources C) world peace D) environment
33) What did the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Waste Cleanup Act suggest about American society in the late 1900s? A) American society has become concerned with the condition of the environment. B) American society has become too dependent on oil. C) Numerous pollutants created by third-world nations have created dangers for American society. D) American society wanted to return to a less technological way of life.
34) What was the purpose for creating the Environmental Protection Agency? A) to govern the Earth Summit B) to plan international environmental agreements C) to control oil costs D) to enforce environmental safety laws
35) Which one of the following types of mining is most destructive to the environment? A) hard-rock mining B) panning C) hydraulic mining D) placer mining
36) What American agency administers programs to protect the environment? A) EPA B) NRA C) CCC D) PLO
37) What has been the chief source of energy used in the United States since 1945? A) petroleum B) coal C) wood D) nuclear power
38) Which one of the following best states the main idea of the cartoon? A) Workers are careless when they use heavy machines. B) People exaggerate the need to protect the environment. C) The supply of natural resources is unlimited. D) An energy crisis may cause people to forget about the environment.
39) The cartoon illustrates a conflict between A) energy demands and the need to protect the environment B) public vs. private ownership of energy resources C) tradition and change D) job hazards and increased production
40) Which one of the following statements best describes the problem illustrated by this 1970s cartoon? A) The conflicts between labor and management had been resolved. B) The government dictated how the American people use power. C) The energy crisis in America was growing. D) The threat of automation had been reduced.
41) The cartoonist is suggesting that technological advances have gone beyond A) our knowledge of how electricity works B) our available materials and resources C) those of other countries of the world D) our recreational needs
42) Who is shown rowing the "Energy Alternatives" boat in the cartoon? A) Bill Clinton B) John D. Rockefeller C) Abraham Lincoln D) Uncle Sam
43) What conflict is represented in the cartoon? A) the rising tide of oil prices B) the ability to find new sources of energy while the price of oil decreases C) the availability of public support for energy alternatives D) the economists' attention to conservation suggestions
Which one of the following graphs correctly shows the amount of oil produced by the leading oil-producing states in 1992?
45) Why are many people are opposed to drilling for oil in the waters off the coast of the United States? A) The health of the workers drilling for oil may be harmed. B) There may be harmful effects to the environment. C) The demand for oil is decreasing. D) It may encourage more people to use oil for heating.
46) What was the most effective response of Western nations to the energy crisis of the 1970s and early 1980s? A) develop nuclear power plants that meet most of the world's energy needs B) conserve oil and search for alternative sources of power C) take aggressive actions toward oil-producing nations D) form close alliances with oil-producing nations
47) What is one problem that may result from continued economic growth? A) a decrease in the sale of stocks B) reduced output of consumer goods C) a slowdown in population growth D) depletion of natural resources
48) What term is best described as an energy source that can be quickly replaced by nature? A) fossil fuel B) nuclear power C) environmental conservation D) renewable resource
49) What is a renewable, inexpensive, and environmentally-safe form of energy? A) solar power B) fossil fuel C) nuclear power D) anthracite coal
50) Which one of the following is not an example of a renewable resource? A) windmills B) hydroelectric power C) anthracite coal D) solar energy
51) " The uncontrolled extraction of our natural resources will absolutely insure that our future citizens will once again turn to the horse and plow." What strategy might the author of this statement favor? A) a mine where only horses and plows are used B) an unlimited use of all natural resources C) a careful and well-planned use of natural resources D) a return to a simple rural way of life
52) Any solution to the problem of water pollution would most likely come from A) local, state, and federal government working together B) the federal government working alone C) local government working alone D) private citizens working independently of government
53) Which one of the following is the best title for the cartoon? A) " Old-Fashioned Farming is More Profitable" B) " The Benefits of Technology" C) " The History of American Farming" D) " Doing More Harm Than Good"
54) Which one of the following would a person who agrees with the main idea of the cartoon support? A) stronger federal regulations for licensing pilots B) increased health benefits for farmers C) job training programs for new farmers D) laws forbidding the use of dangerous chemicals in farming
55) What term best describes the layer of atmosphere around the Earth that blocks harmful rays from the sun? A) space dust B) ozone C) ultraviolet radiation D) pulsar
56) By the 1980s, scientists discovered that some pollutants were responsible for A) the formation of black holes B) creating holes in the ozone layer C) causing stars to fall from orbits D) causing increasingly more destructive earthquakes
57) Which one of the following pollutants was not responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer? A) refrigerators B) air conditioners C) chlorinated pools D) aerosol cans
58) The system of certain gases forcing heat to remain and warm the Earth is called A) the Ice Age syndrome B) solar flaring C) the greenhouse effect D) radiation
59) What did world leaders promise at the Earth Summit of 1992? A) to decrease the emissions of carbon dioxide into the air B) to eliminate the use of DDT C) to make Earth Day an international holiday D) to limit the use of freon in refrigerators and air conditioners
Created by: creek23
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