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English I - Novels

The Giver

Receiver of Memory Jonas
Caretaker of the Old Fiona
Director of Recreation Asher
Lily's Comfort Object elephant
newchild Gabriel
Gabriel's Comfort Object Hippo
dwelling House; Home
euphemism gentler or politically correct word for real meaning of a word
malapropism using the wrong word within the context of a sentence
Trait that Jonas, the Giver, and Gabriel have in common pale eyes
the color of Fiona's hair red
Jonas' first memory sled ride
the most important book in the dwelling Book of Rules
all "nines" receive this item bicycle
all "twelves" receive this item Assignment
"release" killing
instrument used for punishing children and the elderly discipline wand
name of the previous receiver of memory Rosemary
day on which Jonas and Gabe reach a new community Christmas
Jonas' first memory of pain sunburn
Jonas' father's assignment nurturer
Jonas' mother's assignment Minister of Justice
Object that "changed" as Jonas threw it to Asher apple
person that Jonas will save from being "released" Gabriel