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SS Chapter 11D


1) Which event is referred to in the headline below? " Chief Justice Warren Burger Administers Oath of Office To Gerald Ford" A) the impeachment of the president of the United States B) the repeal by Congress of the 25th Amendment to the United States Constitution C) the appointment of the chief justice of the United States Supreme Court D) the swearing-in of the first president of the United States not elected by the people
2) What president pardoned Richard Nixon? A) Ronald Reagan B) Bill Clinton C) Gerald Ford D) Lyndon B. Johnson
3) Why did President Gerald Ford pardon Richard Nixon? A) to help his re-election campaign B) to finalize the Vietnam War C) to bring closure to the Watergate scandal D) to prove that Richard Nixon was guilty
4) Why did Gerald Ford's approval rating drop by almost 25% during his administration? A) He granted a pardon to Richard Nixon. B) He offered pardons to the Vietnam draft-dodgers. C) His involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. D) His admission that he had been involved in Watergate.
5) Which one of the following groups did Gerald Ford pardon? A) those who dodged the Vietnam War draft B) those who rioted in support of Civil Rights C) the people involved in protest against the government in the 1960's D) the people involved in the Watergate break-in
6) How did President Gerald Ford attempt to control inflation? A) He increased taxes on gasoline. B) He halted all unnecessary government spending. C) He froze all wages and price increases. D) He set up the voluntary Whip Inflation Now program.
7) What was the full name of President Gerald Ford's inflationary WIN program? A) Waste It Not B) Whip Inflation Now C) Wrestle Inflationary Need D) Warrant Increased Necessity
8) Federal revenue sharing was based upon the idea that A) Local governments should collect taxes for the federal government. B) Some federal money should be given to states and cities. C) Federal income should be distributed equally to all people. D) States should give their total income to the federal government.
OME LAWS PASSED BY THE 93rd CONGRESS: (A) Placed tight limits on spending and contributions in national elections (B) Increased Social Security benefits and increased payroll taxes to pay for them (C) Increased the minimum wage from $1.60 to $2.30 an hour and increased by 7 million the number of workers covered (D) Put limits on the power of the president to use United States troops abroad without approval by Congress (E) Approved a plan to combine and rebuild bankrupt rai
10) What law did Congress pass because of the financial problems of the elderly? A) A B) B C) C D) D
11) What law was passed mainly as a result of the Vietnam conflict? A) F B) B C) C D) D
12) What law was probably backed by supporters of mass transportation? A) C B) B C) E D) F
13) What law was probably opposed by many conservationists? A) E B) D C) C D) F
14) What United States president was characterized as an ineffectual leader because he lacked experience with Congress? A) Ronald Reagan B) Richard Nixon C) Gerald Ford D) Jimmy Carter
15) What serious problem did Jimmy Carter try to resolve during his presidency? A) withdrawal from Vietnam B) Soviet expansion C) a high inflation rate D) a lack of exports
16) What was the basis of many of Jimmy Carter's political decisions? A) moral goals, such as justice and equality B) whatever would benefit the wealthiest Americans C) furthering his political career by strengthening his administration D) establishment of racial equality
17) What city is known for the agreement by which nations promised to respect basic human rights? A) Helsinki B) New York City C) London D) Paris
18) Why did Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan hope to increase domestic oil production? A) to refrain from relying on solar power B) to become less dependent on foreign oil C) to dominate the world oil market D) to develop synthetic fuels
19) What did Ronald Reagan promise the American people during his 1980 presidential election campaign? A) to decrease the size of the military weapon arsenals B) to decrease the size of federal government C) to decrease interest rates D) to increase deficit spending
20) Who was appointed to serve on the United States Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan? A) Ann Richards B) Carol Mosely Braun C) Elizabeth Dole D) Sandra Day O'Connor
21) What president's leadership style emphasized charm and speaking ability? A) Bill Clinton B) Ronald Reagan C) Gerald Ford D) Richard Nixon
22) What president was nicknamed the "Great Communicator?" A) John F. Kennedy B) Ronald Reagan C) George Bush D) Gerald Ford
23) What president does the image in the cartoon represent? A) Richard Nixon B) Jimmy Carter C) George Bush D) Ronald Reagan
24) Which one of the following best describes the theme of the cartoon? A) The president was trying to intimidate other nations. B) The president was hiding from congressional attacks. C) The president was having a difficulty living up to his image. D) The president was trying to keep his administration from failing.
25) What created unprecedented United States federal budget deficits in the early 1980s? A) low taxes B) decreased defense spending C) high interest rates D) business boom
26) Which one of the following presidents favored tax cuts and reductions in government spending in order to help the economy? A) Ronald Reagan B) Jimmy Carter C) Bill Clinton D) Richard Nixon
27) Supply-side economics proposed that economic problems resulted in part from A) excessive taxes which reduce the incentive to work, save, and invest B) not enough government regulation of the money supply C) not enough government spending to supply money to consumers D) unemployment which prevented consumers from buying goods
28) Which one of the following people would have been more likely to agree with the theory of supply-side economics? A) a liberal Democrat B) a rural farmer C) an successful business owner D) a minority
29) What United States president argued that tax cuts and decreased government spending would trickle down to improve the economy in the 1980s? A) Richard Nixon B) Bill Clinton C) Gerald Ford D) Ronald Reagan
30) What economic goal did President Ronald Reagan hope to accomplish, but eventually failed to do? A) stop deflation B) balance the budget C) stop inflation D) increase deficit spending
31) What was a major economic goal of President Ronald Reagan's administration in the 1980s? A) to reduce military spending B) to increase spending on social programs C) to raise taxes on the wealthy D) to decrease the budget deficit
32) Why did President Ronald Reagan encourage Congress to increase defense spending? A) The Soviet Union had high-powered nuclear weapons. B) The government had to balance funding among the army, navy, and air force budgets. C) The government discovered they could make a profit selling arms to warring nations. D) The Soviet Union had reduced its defense spending.
33) What president's plan of cutting back social programs, decreasing taxes, and dramatically increasing defense spending eventually increased the budget deficit? A) Jimmy Carter B) Gerald Ford C) Ronald Reagan D) George Bush
34) President Ronald Reagan controversially granted a large amount of funds to A) Social Security B) Strategic Defense Initiative C) the Sandinistas D) Medicare
35) What United States president initiated the Star Wars space-based defense program? A) Ronald Reagan B) George H.W. Bush C) Jimmy Carter D) Bill Clinton
36) What group was fired by Ronald Reagan for striking illegally? A) auto workers B) medical researchers C) air traffic controllers D) coal miners
37) Which one of the following presidents opposed civil rights programs such as affirmative action and desegregation through busing? A) Ronald Reagan B) Bill Clinton C) Jimmy Carter D) Lyndon B. Johnson
38) Which one of the following was a major issue in the 1992 presidential election? A) economic growth B) impeachment of Clinton C) Operation Desert Storm D) invasion of Panama
39) What type of decisions were rendered by the Supreme Court during the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush presidential administrations in the 1980s? A) greater emphasis on the rights of the accused B) outlawing of aid to the Sandinistas C) increased conservative decision-making D) acceleration of school integration
40) How were the 1980s administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush similar? A) They both increased taxes to support social welfare programs. B) They both followed conservative practices. C) They both increased the responsibilities of the federal government. D) They both urged unskilled foreign workers to immigrate to the United States.
41) What controversial Supreme Court justice was appointed by President George H.W. Bush? A) Sandra Day O'Connor B) Antonio Scalia C) Thurgood Marshall D) Clarence Thomas
42) Although he had promised "no new taxes," which one of the following presidents was forced to raise taxes to help balance the federal budget? A) Lyndon B. Johnson B) Ronald Reagan C) Richard Nixon D) George H.W. Bush
43) " The Congress will push me to raise taxes, and I'll say no, and they'll push, and I'll say no, they'll push again and I'll say to them, read my lips, no new taxes." What president made this statement the foundation of his presidential campaign? A) Richard Nixon B) George H.W. Bush C) Jimmy Carter D) Bill Clinton
44) What was the major cause of hundreds of banks going bankrupt in the late 1980s? A) Under reduced regulations, many banks made risky loans that were not paid back. B) American citizens stopped relying on banks for loans. C) American citizens invested their money in the stock market instead of putting it in banks. D) The stock market crashed and wiped out many bank investments.
45) What president authorized government aid to savings and loan institutions in order to prevent closures? A) Richard Nixon B) Ronald Reagan C) George H.W. Bush D) Bill Clinton
46) The reluctance of banks to loan money after the banking crisis in the late 1980s caused many businesses to A) expand their markets B) form monopolies C) organize labor unions D) downsize their staff
47) What was the main message of the political cartoon shown? A) The war on drugs has been an ongoing challenge for many American presidents. B) The war on drugs has finally been won by the United States. C) The war on drugs has greatly influenced American businesses. D) The war on drugs has been successfully fought by many American presidents.
48) What American presidents were shown in the cartoon? A) John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush B) Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton C) Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan D) Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush
49) What time period in American history is represented in the cartoon? A) 1940s-1960s B) 1920s-1940s C) 1960s-1990s D) 1900s-1920s
50) What was the emphasis of George H.W. Bush's "War on Drugs?" A) use of the military to prevent drugs from entering the nation B) the use of law enforcement to end drug use C) harsh penalties for drug use D) education to prevent drug use in the future
51) What president created a "War on Drugs" that emphasized the use of law enforcement? A) Lyndon B. Johnson B) George H.W. Bush C) Jimmy Carter D) Bill Clinton
52) What does the 27th Amendment state? A) The power of the president is expanded during times of war. B) Freedom of the press can be limited for reasons of national security. C) The current Congress cannot increase their own pay. D) The president is limited to two terms in office.
53) Who was the president of the United States from 1993-2001? A) Bill Clinton B) George Washington C) Ronald Reagan D) George W. Bush
54) What president was responsible for major welfare reform through his "welfare to work" program? A) Bill Clinton B) Gerald Ford C) Jimmy Carter D) Lyndon B. Johnso
55) What was the name of President Bill Clinton's national service program where volunteers worked in American communities in exchange for college tuition? A) Peace Corp B) Red Cross C) National Guard D) Americorps
56) Which one of the following presidents attempted to create a national health care insurance program for all Americans? A) Jimmy Carter B) George W. Bush C) Ronald Reagan D) Bill Clinton
57) What president's proposed national health care program was defeated by Congress in 1994? A) George H.W. Bush B) Gerald Ford C) Bill Clinton D) Richard Nixon
58) Bill Clinton promised universal health care coverage during his presidential campaign. What became of that bill? A) Congress passed the Universal Health Coverage bill in 1994. B) Republicans opposed the bill and filibustered until the Democrats gave up. C) Clinton didn't support the bill and it died in committee. D) Clinton never sent the legislation to Congress.
59) Why did President Bill Clinton often have trouble passing new legislation? A) Clinton did not want to make any lasting changes that would reflect poorly on his administration. B) The Republicans held a majority in both houses of Congress. C) Tense relations between the United States and the Soviet Union prevented Clinton from proposing new legislation. D) The Democrats often believed Clinton's proposals were unnecessar
60) Which one of the following president's administration eliminated the federal budget deficit and encouraged economic growth? A) George Bush B) Richard Nixon C) Ronald Reagan D) Bill Clinton
61) What president was accused of illegal real estate dealings through his investment in the Whitewater Development Corporation? A) Bill Clinton B) Ronald Reagan C) Richard Nixon D) John F. Kennedy
62) Which one of the following best describes the accusations made against Bill Clinton in the Whitewater investigation? A) He used his position to gain illegal loans to finance his own investment. B) He allowed public lands to be used for personal benefit. C) He sold arms to secure the release of hostages in Central America. D) He illegally spied on the Republican headquarters in Washington DC.
63) In what scandal was President Bill Clinton accused of abusing his position to gain illegal loans to help finance his own investment? A) Teapot Dome Scandal B) Warren Commission C) Watergate D) Whitewater
64) What president was impeached for lying under oath and personal misconduct? A) Jimmy Carter B) Ronald Reagan C) Bill Clinton D) Richard Nixon
65) In what state was George W. Bush governor before being elected president in 2000? A) Arkansas B) New York C) Texas D) Georgia
66) What president's father also served as president? A) Franklin D. Roosevelt B) George W. Bush C) John Quincy Adams D) John F. Kennedy
67) What president won an extremely close election over Democratic candidate Al Gore? A) Bill Clinton B) George W. Bush C) Richard Nixon D) Ronald Reagan
68) When George W. Bush was elected president, there was a controversy over the ballot count in what state? A) Florida B) California C) Texas D) Maine
69) What was George W. Bush's main emphasis in his campaign for the presidency? A) education reform B) military reform C) health care reform D) welfare reform
70) While president, George W. Bush created the Office of Homeland Security. What is this new Cabinet department's main responsibility? A) regulation of trade within North America B) control of the border with Mexico C) prevention of communist governments in the Western hemisphere D) protection against terrorist attacks
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