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SS Chapter 11B


1) What is the primary purpose of advertising? A) to distribute goods more efficiently B) to export more goods C) to encourage people to buy more goods D) to produce more goods
2) Making false statements about a product and producing misleading advertisements are A) illegal, but businesses are too big for the government to make them stop B) illegal, as regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and other federal laws C) legal, because the government finds it difficult to find the guilty person D) legal, because the consumer is supposed to be knowledgeable about his purchases
3) Where do United States newspapers and magazines get most of their money from? A) private foundation grants B) the Federal Communications Commission C) state governments D) the sale of advertising space
4) How does the mass media affect American life today? A) They influence public opinion and taste. B) They are generally ignored by most people. C) They discourage advertising. D) They prevent the public from being informed.
5) Which one of the following is accurate concerning the mass media in United States today? A) They have great influence on public opinion. B) They are controlled by the government. C) They only report what is wrong with the United States. D) Their effect is less today than it was 100 years ago.
6) Which cartoon shows the influence of mass communication? A) A B) B C) C D) D
7) Which one of the following statements is an opinion rather than a fact? A) Supply and demand are factors which help determine prices in a free market. B) Seasonal factors can affect the price of goods. C) Brand-name products are not worth the higher prices charged for them. D) Price alone is not a completely reliable measure of value.
8) What has become a major criticism of parents about the content of many television programs? A) too much emphasis on cultural programs B) too much emphasis on politics C) too much violence D) too few sporting events
9) What has been a major reason for the increased cost of political campaigns in recent years? A) People have become more interested in politics. B) Candidates make wide use of expensive television advertising. C) Candidates campaign less because most are unopposed. D) The government requires longer campaigns.
10) In the United States, what is usually the main reason why a television series is canceled? A) The number of viewers of the program had declined. B) The sponsors cannot meet the demands of the actors. C) The Federal Trade Commission did not like the program. D) The subject of the program was similar to that of other programs.
11) Which one of the following terms would a sociologist use to describe a family consisting only of a father, mother, and children? A) matrilineal B) nuclear C) extended D) self-sufficient
12) In the United States, increased industrialization resulted in A) a change from the extended family to the nuclear family B) dependence on other nations for food C) the emergence of overwhelming support for socialism D) a decrease in the importance of educatio
13) Increased urbanization, overcrowded living conditions, and the collapse of close family ties are most characteristic of A) social reform B) acculturation C) industrialization D) racial integration
14) Which one of the following is a reason for the increase in the United States divorce rate since the mid-1900s? A) Most people marry after the age of 30. B) Divorced couples always remarry. C) The birth rate is steadily declining. D) Attitudes toward marriage and divorce are changing.
15) The increase in the divorce rate since the mid-1900s has resulted in a need for reform in A) child labor laws B) child care laws C) marriage licensing laws D) the Social Security System
16) The term "generation gap" applies most directly to the differences between A) immigrants and citizens B) men and women C) farmers and city dwellers D) youth and adults
17) The fact that a greater percentage of young people in the United States attend school today than did a century ago has led to A) increased pressure on schools to provide a variety of educational programs B) decreased circulation of books in public libraries C) increased family responsibility D) decreased demand for skilled workers in industry
18) A basic purpose of civil rights groups in the United States has been to A) convince the government not to get involved in the affairs of other countries B) gain the vote of 18‑year-olds C) overthrow the American government D) gain recognition of the worth and dignity of the individual
19) During recent years, minority groups have often sought to achieve their goals by A) ignoring their cultural traditions B) depending upon the majority group's good intentions C) increasing their political activities D) increasing their control over Congress
20) In what way are the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Council of Christians and Jews, and the Southern Christian Leadership Council similar? A) They are all concerned with the civil rights of Americans. B) They all favor violence actions to achieve their goals. C) They are all influential minority parties in Congress. D) They are all involved in consumer protection laws.
21) The migration of rural Blacks, Chicanos, and Puerto Ricans to the northern cities of the United States has brought conflict between these recent arrivals and descendants of earlier immigrants. One reason for this conflict is that the "newcomers" A) helped reduce or solve many of the urban problems B) brought needed high-level industrial skills C) enjoyed a lifestyle based on hatred and violence D) seem to threaten the social position of the established inhabitants
22) Which one of the following civil rights issues has been the most difficult to deal with? A) integration of the armed forces B) payment of a poll tax in order to vote in a national election C) segregation in neighborhood urban schools D) freedom for all to use public restaurants and hotels
23) In the 1970s and 1980s, what controversial method was used to eliminate segregation in schools? A) placing the schools under congressional control B) busing students to achieve racial balance C) building more neighborhood schools D) dividing large school districts into smaller districts
24) Who was the first African American appointed as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff? A) Colin Powell B) Clarence Thomas C) Thurgood Marshall D) Martin Luther King, Jr.
25) What African American was the first to be elected a state governor? A) Jesse Jackson B) Colin Powell C) Douglas Wilder D) Malcolm X
26) Why have leaders of some reform movements used civil disobedience tactics? A) They thought some laws were so unjust that such tactics were required. B) They thought that communism would allow such tactics. C) They believed the government could not enforce the law. D) They believed all citizens must follow the law.
27) Which one of the following statements about the Black civil rights movements in the United States is accurate? A) Racial integration has been fully achieved. B) Laws alone have not brought about equality. C) Leadership of the Black community is united. D) Black leadership is satisfied with gains that have been made.
28) Which one of the following conclusions can best be drawn from the fact that African Americans in the United States have gained full legal equality but still suffer from discrimination? A) Groups supporting rights for minorities have lost most of their influence. B) Social changes are not readily accepted. C) The government has not passed laws guaranteeing civil rights. D) Minority groups in the United States are not actively seeking their rights.
29) Which one of the following statements best describes the black civil rights movement since the end of World War II? A) It did not improve the status of blacks. B) It has been nearly inactive. C) It has encouraged other minority groups to struggle harder for equal rights. D) Its leaders have always agreed on methods of reaching their goals.
30) Puerto Ricans who immigrated to the northeastern cities of the United States still frequently find difficulty in obtaining A) the constitutional right to vote B) United States citizenship C) religious freedom D) adequate housing and employment
31) Where have most of illegal aliens in the United States emigrated from since 1980? A) China B) Mexico C) Canada D) Cuba
32) What is the major motivation for illegal immigration of Mexicans to the United States? A) desire for political freedom B) desire for religious freedom C) economic opportunities D) escape from an oppressive government
33) Which one of the following did the Voting Rights Act of 1975 extend to the Latino population in the United States? A) It allowed Cubans to freely immigrate to the United States. B) It allowed Latinos who were not American citizens to vote. C) It ended the poll tax. D) It established elections in two languages.
34) Which one of the following best describes the situation of Native Americans in recent decades? A) They are asking for a better life and greater opportunity to determine their own future. B) They are leaving the United States to find greater freedom and better jobs abroad. C) They are losing the little political power they used to possess. D) They show no interest in politics.
35) Which one of the following statements best describes Native Americans in modern society? A) They have been fully integrated into United States society. B) They have made excellent economic advancement in the United States. C) They still have high rates of poverty and illiteracy. D) They have frequently been elected to national political offices.
36) Which one of the following best describes the views of Native Americans concerning their position in the world today? A) Most Native Americans want tribalism abolished. B) Most Native Americans want all of their land returned to them. C) There are varied Native American viewpoints on numerous issues. D) Native Americans are in full agreement regarding goals and methods.
37) Which one of the following policies guaranteed women and other minorities employment and educational opportunities? A) suffragist movement B) affirmative action C) feminism D) separate but equal
38) During the 1970s and 1980s, what was the major goal of the women's movement? A) to achieve equal rights and opportunities B) to return to a policy of isolationism C) to weaken the traditional family structure D) to gain the right to vote for women
39) In United States society, women are frequently labeled as a minority group because A) women are unable to present a united front B) few women attend the best colleges and universities C) there are fewer women than men D) women often lack economic and political power
40) Which one of the following statements best explains why women are still considered a minority in the United States? A) In many states, women are not allowed to own property. B) Women continue to be discriminated against in job advancement. C) When buying car insurance, women pay a lower rate than men. D) Women must be at least 21 years of age to vote in federal elections.
41) Which one of the following actions would be considered unlawful? A) A local government increases property taxes three years in a row. B) A student group petitions the Board of Education for better teachers. C) Consumers boycott a supermarket to protest high prices. D) An employer pays female employees less money than male employees doing the same work.
42) In the United States, which one of the following actions is illegal? A) A person is not allowed to vote in an election because he has not registered to vote. B) A person posts a website supporting negative viewpoints about a racial minority. C) A company refuses to consider hiring female job applicants. D) A banker refuses to lend money for a home mortgage to an unemployed person.
Which one of the following best states the main idea of this cartoon? A) Joe's Restaurant is an equal opportunity employer. B) Most restaurants prefer to hire men as dishwashers. C) Gender discrimination is still a problem. D) Men are better dishwashers than women.
44) Which one of the following conclusions can best be made according to the information in the table? A) In 2001, men and women earned more money for the same job than in 1981. B) Fewer women work in the technical/sales/administrative fields than in the operator/fabricator/laborer fields. C) Men are staying home more to perform tasks traditionally done by women. D) More men than women work in the managerial/professional fields.
45) Which one of the following statements is most clearly demonstrated by the table? A) More men were employed in each of the fields than were women. B) Although women make more money than before, they are still generally paid less than men in the same job. C) Women and men were paid approximately the same salaries for the same job. D) The smallest difference in average salaries for men and women was in the technical/sales/administrative fields.
46) Which one of the following conclusions is best supported by the information in the charts? A) Fewer men than women are professionals. B) Women are not as well educated as men. C) Most wage-earning women are employed as household workers. D) Women have often been discriminated against economically.
47) What would be the best solution to the problem suggested in the chart? A) provide equal pay for equal work regardless of gender B) train more men and women to become scientists C) increase the number of jobs open only to women D) guarantee a minimum income for women
48) The information on the chart would be useful to a group working towards what goal? A) laws requiring all workers to join a union B) a constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal rights for women C) a guaranteed yearly wage for all workers D) a law increasing Social Security benefits for women
49) Who was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court? A) Elizabeth Dole B) Ruth Bader Ginsburg C) Sandra Day O'Connor D) Frances Perkins
50) What woman was the Democratic candidate for the vice-presidency in 1984? A) Ruth Bader Ginsburg B) Barbara Bush C) Sandra Day O'Connor D) Geraldine Ferraro
51) Who was the first American woman in space? A) Rosa Parks B) Geraldine Ferraro C) Sally Ride D) Francis Perkins
52) " Although women gained the right to vote in 1920, it wasn't until 1984 that former Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman to run for vice president of the United States." The author of this statement is probably trying to point out that A) the attitudes of the American people are difficult to change B) women were not allowed to seek a high office before the 1980s C) before 1984 few women had experience in Congress D) before 1984 women did not want to be vice president
53) Which one of the following is an accomplishment of the women's movement? A) Most women now support a single political party. B) Equal economic opportunity has been achieved for all women. C) Women are proven to be better business leaders than men. D) Public awareness of gender discrimination has increased.
54) What was the cartoonist's viewpoint on women in the military? A) Women are freely welcomed into the military. B) Women and men have not been treated equally in the military. C) Women in the military should be segregated from the male troops. D) Women should not be allowed guns in the military.
55) What is the significance of the woman holding a broomstick in the cartoon? A) Women should be held to different standards than men in the military. B) Women are not as physically strong as men. C) Women should work only in service roles in the military. D) Women's roles have traditionally been in the home.
56) What controversial issue is the cartoon addressing? A) gender discrimination in the military B) physical differences between men and women C) worldwide demands for disarmament D) racial discrimination in the military
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