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Scavenger Hunt 2

Us Prep review

What is another name for Westward Expansion Manifest Destiny
Who purchased the Louisiana Territory Thomas Jefferson
What was wrong with purchasing the Louisiana Territory violated the U.S. Constitution
Who explored the Louisiana Territory Lewis & Clark
What were Louis & Clark searching for All water route to the Pacific Ocean
What two Immigrant groups built the transcontinental railroad Irish & Chinese
What laws were created for the Chinese Chinese Exclusion act
What two acts impacted the Native Americans Dawes act & Indian Removal act
What were the Native Americans forced to live on Reservations
What was that tragic period for the Native Americans called The Trail of Tears
What treated ended the Mexican American War Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
What states did we get as a result of the Mexican American war Texas, California, Utah, Nevada
What was the Homestead act law that gave Americans money and land to move out west
What groups did the Grange movement and Populist support Farmers
What 2 natural resources do you need for Industrialization Coal & Iron
What problems did Industrialization cause Child labor, Pollution, Unsafe working conditions
What are Robber Barons Someone who uses Ruthless business tactics
Name some Robber Barons Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbuilt
What are muckrakers Journalists, writers, photographers that exposed corruption
Who was Upton Sinclair Wrote the Jungle- unsafe meat factories
Who was Jacob Riis Wrote how the other half lives- urban slums, poor class
What was the goal of the Progressive movement Eliminate the corruption that Industrialization had caused
What was the temperance movement Christian women who blamed all the problems of society on alcohol
What were the goals of the Seneca falls convention Women rights
What is Laissez-Faire No government regulations
What was the Harlem Renaissance Rebirth of African American pride
What caused organized crime Prohibition
What was Prohibition The banning of sale and distribution of alcohol
What was the Sherman Anti Trust Act A law to eliminate monopolies
What is the purpose of the Federal Reserve system To regulate the countries money supply
Created by: ygarcia13