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Year 7 Humanities

S1 Examination

What does Royal Assent refer to? When the Governor-General gives approval to a bill
The Queen is represented by who in parliament? The Governor (state level) and Governor General (federal level)
What are the three levels of government? Local State Federal
What is the process that changes the wording of the Constitution called? Referendum
When a majority of the states AND a majority of Australia vote YES to change the Constitution, this is known as? A Double Majority
Provide one element of a fair trial. Having legal representation (lawyer) Both sides presenting their evidence and facts Being considered innocent until proven guilty Having a jury sit on your trial
Who's responsibility is it to start a criminal case in court? The Prosecution
What is the name of the Lower House of Commonwealth Parliament called? The House of Representatives
What is the name of the Upper House of Commonwealth Parliament called? The Senate
How many members sit in the Upper House of Commonwealth Parliament? 76
How many members sit in the Lower House of Commonwealth Parliament? 150
What colour is associated with the Lower House of Commonwealth Parliament? Green
What colour is associated with the Upper House of Commonwealth Parliament? Red
What does Bicameral System of Parliament mean? The system of having TWO houses/chambers
In what 3 categories do we separate powers given within our legal system? Legislative, Executive, Judicial
The power to make laws is known as the ? Legislative Power
The power give to courts to apply the laws are known as? Judicial Power
Powers given to certain departments to carry out and manage the law are known as? Executive Powers
Which court is situated at the top of the Victorian Court Hierarchy? The High Court
Which court is situated at the bottom of the Victorian Court Hierarchy? The Magistrates' Court
In what year did Australia become a federation? 1901
What are the two types/areas of law? Criminal Law Civil Law
Which court hears the most serious crimes? The Supreme Court
The rule that all person's accused of committing a crime, must be considered innocent until they a re proven guilty in a court of law, is known as what? The Presumption of Innocence
What happened during the inundation period in Ancient Egypt? The Nile flooded and fertilised the surrounding land to help make growing crops easier.
What acted as a natural weapon against enemy attacks in Egypt? The surrounding desert
In the process of mummification, which organ is left inside the body? The heart
This two groups of people were at the very bottom of the Ancient Egyptian social hierarchy? Slaves and Farmers
How did we know who was at the higher end of the Ancient Egyptian social hierarchy when it came to their clothing? Noblemen and women (including pharaohs) wore linen/cloth that was very fine and transparent. They also wore decorative headpieces and jewellery.
Why was The Rosetta Stone important? It helped historians decode the Ancient Egyptian language of hieroglyphs because it had 3 texts in 3 different languages, one of which was hieroglyphic.
Who was the main deity/god/goddess that was worshiped by Ancient Egyptians? Ra (the sun god)
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