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Year 8 Humanities

S1 Exam Revision

What is the name of the book or document outlining the legal rules for our government to follow? The Australian Constitution
What type of rule is a law? Legal rule that everyone must follow
Who is the Queen’s representative at a federal/Commonwealth level? The Governor General
A law made by the courts is called a? A common law
Which court hears the most serious criminal cases and most complex civil cases. The Supreme Court
A traditional law of Indigenous Australians is known as? Customary Law
Legislation means the same thing as? Law
Which court in the Victorian Court hierarchy is the only court with power to hear cases that relate to the Constitution? The High Court
How many basic rights does the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have? 30
What are the two main sources of law? Parliament and Courts
What is the name of Upper House of Commonwealth Parliament? Senate
How many members sit in the Upper House of Commonwealth Parliament? 76
What is the name of Lower House of Commonwealth Parliament? House Of Representatives
How many members sit in the Lower House of Commonwealth Parliament? 150
What colour is associated with the Upper House of Commonwealth Parliament? Red
What colour is associated with the Lower House of Commonwealth Parliament? Green
The idea that everyone in society is bound by, and must obey the laws, is known as? The Rule of Law
What are the five freedoms as expressed within the Australian Constitution? Freedom of Speech Freedom of Assembly Freedom of Association Freedom of Movement Freedom of Interstate Trade
Which court is at the bottom of the Victorian Court Hierarchy ? Magistrates' Court
How many steps are there in the Legislative Process? 8 Steps
The step that introduces a proposed law and where copies are given out to members of parliament is known as? The First Reading
The step that involves more description and discussion of the proposed law is known as? The Second Reading
This step is not a compulsory step in the Legislative Process, but may involve further discussion if required. Consideration in Detail
What happens in the Third Reading? Final discussions are had regarding the proposed law and a formal vote is put before the house
During this step, the Governor-General (or Governor) approves of the proposed law and makes it an official law by signing the document. Granting Royal Assent
The Vikings reigned between the 7th and 10th centuries. T / F False - Vikings reigned between the 8th and 11th centuries
Scandinavia was made up of which three countries? Norway, Denmark, Sweden.
Drals were the highest social group in the Viking Community. T / F False - it was the Jarls
The Viking language was known as the? Norse language
Provide three features of Viking longhouses. One to two entries/openings Rectangular building Adjoining pet barns that housed animals
Viking raids were important because they helped the Vikings expand their land, wealth and communities, whilst allowing them to explore other places. T / F True
The Viking version of Hell is known as? Hellheim
What is the equivalent of Valhalla in modern day belief? Heaven
This object was skillfully made from wood, light enough to carry over land and narrow enough to manouvre through jagged coastlines. What is it? A longship
This was the most deadliest form of the plague that spread during the Black Death era in Europe. Septicemic Plague
The lack Death wiped out one third of Europe's population in the 14th century. T / F True
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