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Semester Exam

History Exam for NWRMS

Which geographic feature covers most of Southern Europe? Mountains
What is Eurasia? The large landmass that includes both Europe and Asia
What is topography? It refers to the shape and elevation of land in a region
How did the peninsulas of Southern Europe affect the way people lived? It let them become traders and seafarers
Who was Saint Patrick? He was one of the first missionaries to travel to northern europe
How did monks contribute to medieval society? They spent their rime in prayer, work, and meditation
Who built a European empire and was crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800? Charlemagne
Who were the Vikings? They sailed around most of Europe, raiding, trading and spreading their influence
What did knights receive in exchange for their pledge of loyalty to a lord? pieces of land
What was the main duty of a vassal? support a lord in exchange for land
What was a manor large estate owned my a knight or lord
Which group introduced feudalism to Italy? Historians
The feudal system lasted long where? Japan
During the Middle Ages, power in Europe shifted from nobles to who and who? Popes and kings
Which leader benefited from cooperating with the pope? Charlemagne
The Eastern Orthodox Church was founded by those who agreed with what? The bishop of Constantinople
What were some of the pope's duties and powers? They had political power and spiritual power
As popes tried to increase their power, they came into conflict with who? kings
Why were the Crusades fought? they were fought over control of the Holy Land
During the Crusades, Christians fought against who? Muslims
What was the outcome of the Crusades? The Holy Land came under Muslims control
Where did friars live? Villages
In medieval society, markets, festivals, and religious ceremonies took place where? Local Churches
Who played the biggest role in creating the first universities in Europe? Church leaders
Whose rule in Spain ended in 1002? Muslim Moors
What happened to Jews during the Middle Ages? They were discretion against Europe
Describe on effect of Marco's Polo's journey to China. He became government official
What was Venice famous for? producing glass
How did the Mongols help increase trade between Europe and Asia? Made the Silk Road safe to travel
What effect did the merchant families have on the Renaissance in Italian cities? Supported arts and learning
machiavelli wanted to have an effect on what? Politics
Miguel de Cervantes is best known for what? Don Quixote
What is the Scientific Revolution? A series of events that led to the birth of modern science
Ancient Greek thinkers emphasized the use of what and what? Observation and logic
Who was an ancient astronomer and mapmaker? Ptolemy
What did Galileo use to study astronomy? a telescope
Which country was the leading developer of advancements in sailing? Portugal
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