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Final 7 ddriskill


Separation of Powers Concept of splitting the government into three branches with equal powers and responsibilities
1st Amendment Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly, Religion, and Petition
Lyndon B. Johnson Texas Senator who became president and started the Head Start and Affirmative Action Programs to help minorities
Barbed Wire Invented by Joseph Glidden to keep free range cattle out of farmer's crops, grass, and water. This contributed to the end of the Open Range.
Spindletop The first major discovery of oil in Texas in 1901 by Anthony Lucas
Buffalo Soldiers African American troops after the Civil War that protected settlers on the frontier from hostile Indians
Sharecropping Gave freedmen after the Civil War a chance to provide for their families, but often times the freedmen went into debt
Checks and Balances Concept where the three branches of government are given powers by the Constitution in order to monitor each other and keep power balanced
LULAC League of United Latin American Citizens - helped Hispanic Americans who were discriminated against - started in Corpus Christi, Texas
15th Amendment Added to the Constitution during Reconstruction in order to giver all races the right to vote
Galveston Site of a devastating 1900 Hurricane that killed 6000 people and destroyed 1/3 of the city
Republicanism Concept that represents a form of government where people get to elect representatives to make laws for them
Reconstruction Amendments 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
Lulu Belle Madison White Texas Civil Rights activist that was president of the Houston Chapter of the NAACP, encouraged Herman Sweatt to pursue a lawsuit against the University of Texas in Sweatt v. Painter
Women's Suffrage Movement Goal was to get the right to vote for women added to the Constitution
Quanah Parker Son of a captured white girl who became the last great Comanche chief, he was half white and half Comanche
2nd Amendment The right to bear arms
Appomattox Courthouse, Va. Site of Robert E. Lees's surrender to General Grant that ended the Civil War - April 9, 1865
Created by: ddriskill
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