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Chapter 13

The USA Today

4 of every 5 people in the USA live in metropolitan areas
The state that has the highest percentage of Hispanic residents is New Mexico
Why was the Internet created? Designed to be a computer network for military communications
An elevated or under ground train is called a rapid-transit system
Reusing old materials to create new products is called recycling materials
Most people in the USA work in what kind of jobs? Service jobs
People in high tech industries Invent or build computers or electronic equipment
Two countries that are interdependent rely on each other for products or resources
This document protects the rights of US citizens The Constitution
In order to vote US citizens must register to show they live where the voting is taking place.
People who belong in the same ethnic group share the same race, county, or culture
The speaker of the House of Representatives is always a member of the majority party
E-commerce has greatly increased the number of good and services available to American consumers
People do not need to travel at all to attend teleconferences
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