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TX History final

What were the political stances that emerged in the 1950s? Moderates, Liberals, and conservatives
What is modern republicanism? Government approach involving conservative economic policies but liberal social policies
What is the interstate highway system? A program supported by Eisenhower to connect major US cities
When President Eisenhower placed the National Guard under federal control it showed what? That the government was going to enforce segregation
What influenced the 1960 election between Nixon and JFK? Television
What was Kennedy’s domestic program called? The New Frontier
In what city was JFK assassinated? Dallas
What was not supported by President Johnson? The Presidential Powers Act of 1969
What was the Watergate scandal? Event that involves tape recordings revealing a president was involved in attempting to cover up the burglary at the Democratic headquarters
What was the Great Society? A group of programs created by President Johnson to be a “war on poverty”
What was Plessy v Ferguson? Upheld legal segregation: states are required to have separate but equal accommodations for white and colored persons
Brown vs Board of Education? Resulted in all public schools being integrated
Why was NASA created? Because of fears that Soviet technology was superior
What was sputnik? The first artificial satellite to orbit earth
In what year did the US go to the moon? 1969
The Texas medical industry Is currently in a boom cycle
The Houston medical center does what? 1. Treats and cares for patients 2. Has medical research 3. Teaches medical students
Thurgood Marshall? Civil rights
Yuri Gagarin? Space race
James L. Farmer Junior? Civil rights
Alan Shepard? Space Race
Joseph McCarthy? US senator who called out suspected “communist” and Hollywood and in the US government
Lyndon B Johnson? US president who signed the civil rights act of 1964
Richard Nixon? US president who struggled to end Vietnam war; resign from office
Martin Luther King Jr.? Civil rights leader who led non violent protest; gave the famous “I have a dream speech” in 1963; assassinated in Memphis Tennessee in 1968
Jack Kilby? In 1958, he invented the integrated silicon circuit, or “chip” that was first used in calculators, computers, and watches. He worked for Texas Instruments
Michael DeBakey? In 1932, this doctor/heart surgeon invented the roller pump which made open heart surgery possible. Pioneered new techniques and treating heart disease by using synthetic materials to replace diseased blood vessels
Michael Dell? Founder of a major computer company in Round Rock, Texas in the 1980s where he decided to sell computers first, and then build them
Created by: Lkkelly3