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Jrotc Final

Final Q

1. (U1C1L1:G3) T or F: The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens. True
2. (U1C1L1:Q1) If someone asked you about what you expect to get out of Army JROTC, which one of the following responses would you use to best inform them about the mission and purpose of JROTC? B) "We expect to develop the skills and participate in a variety of experiences and leadership situations to help us become better citizens. That's the mission of JROTC."
3. (U1C1L2:G4) One of the goals of the JROTC curriculum is to encourage students to graduate from ___________. B) High School
4. (U1C1L2:G7) T or F: One of the LET goals is to teach cadets conflict resolution skills. True
(U1C1L2:Q2) Teamwork is the ability to work well with others towards a common goal. It is one of the hallmarks of Army JROTC. If you were describing some of the activities you do in JROTC to develop teamwork, what would you most likely be talking about? B) Drill and ceremonies, first aid and map reading
6. (U1C1L3:G13) A company consists of a headquarters section and at least two ______________. D) Platoons
7. (U1C1L4:G14) The two main categories of individual rewards given to cadets for superior performance are ___________ and _____________ awards. A) Unit and battalion
U1C1L4:Q3 Institutional awards are presented by superintendents, principles, and Army instructors.They recognize achievement and participation in a variety of areas. The order of merit for individual awards, from highest to lowest is B) Academic, military, athletic, miscellaneous
U1C1L6:Q3)During one of their rehearsals, you observe a new cadet, not in uniform, stand at attention and render a hand salute as the flag passes him. As a leader who believes in giving positive feedback or making on-the-spot corrections, What U say? D) You inform the cadet that the proper procedure for showing respect indoors, whether in uniform or not, is to stand at attention as the flag passes.
10. (U1C1L7:Q3) Which of the following is NOT true about "The Stars and Stripes Forever," our national march? A) "The Stars and Stripes Forever" receives the same courtesies of respect as "The Star-Spangled Banner" and "To the Colors."
11. (U1C1L8:G7) When is it appropriate to call a room to attention? D) When an officer enters the office for the first time each day, or if another high-ranking officer enters
18. (U1C1L8:G14) In military jargon, what does "reporting" mean, as in "reporting for duty"? C) "Reporting" means presenting oneself to a person of senior rank.
U1C1L8:Q2 Find Lieutenant Colonel Jones, and to escort him back to the JROTC Department." LTC Jones You should walk up to him, __________ , and say, "_________________ I am here to escort you back to the JROTC Department. Please come with me." stand at attention; Lieutenant Colonel Jones, D) stand at attention; Colonel Jones, my name is Cadet (your name), and
(U2C1L1:G3) In leadership, __________ gives others the knowledge to complete a task. B) Direction
15. (U2C1L2:G9) T or F: In the follower approach to leadership, the needs of the group members determine who will lead the group. True
(U2C1L3:G2) Name the seven individual values of LDRSHIP. A) Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage
17. (U2C1L4:G6) Name three "DO" things that a leader must provide. C) Purpose, direction, motivation
18. (U2C1L4:G9) T or F: Once a leader masters leadership skills, his or her education on leadership is finished. False
U2C1L4:Q1 The cadet failed to complete the mission successfully, but an Ex opportunity. The cadet knows that your supervisor will blame you for the failure and wants to take full responsibility. As a leader, would be your BEST course of action next? B) Accept responsibility for the missions failure yourself, but talk to your supervisor about assigning missions in the future that are more within you and your team's capabilities
U2C1L4:Q2) You promised your squad that Cadet Jones would be in charge of the next mission because she earned the opportunity. Nxt Miss nt hard and is nt challenging. Wdyd to best develop your squad without denying Cadet Jones an opportunity? D) Tell your squad that you think another Cadet would learn more by being in charge of this mission and ask for a volunteer. Assign Cadet Jones to supervise, but to allow the volunteer the chance to accomplish the mission.
21. (U2C2L1.G5) A ____________ is used to move troops and equipment from one location to another in a quick and orderly manner. A) Drill
22. (U2C2L2:G2) How many parts do most drill commands have? B) Two parts: the preparatory command and the command of execution.
U2C2L2:Q2 You notice that she uses the correct commands; proper rhythm and good voice volume to move her squad, but her commands of execution seem like questions. Ex, "Forward, MARCH?"Sq responds but looks to make sure. How U help her? B) Explain distinctiveness and how indistinct commands can cause confusion. Suggest that if she ends her commands of execution with an exclamation mark, her squad will respond correctly.
U2C2L2:Q3 You transferred and there are not squad leader positions in your new school, but you were assigned to a squad. During drill in leadership lab, you notice that you are a lot better at giving drill commands than your squad leader. C) Help your squad leader out when you can, and demonstrate your proficiency when given the opportunity
(U2C2L3:G2) T or F: During drill, it is preferable to wait for a private moment to correct individuals who are not performing the drill correctly. False
U2C2L3:Q3)Y and your fellow squad leaders cn't fnd tme during the week when you can help each other prepare for drill, the 1st 5 of leadership lab to observe each other executing drill movements so you better know what to look for during DP. Good or bad? C) Good idea; the short practice session will help you spot incorrect movements by your squad members, and it may save you time later because you won't have to correct mistakes that you missed.
U3C1L1:Q4 Kelly is quiet. Normally, the Instructor would have disciplined her, but this time she just smiled and said, "Good, but next time, you don't have to be so aggressive." Which answer best describes why the Instructor didn't discipline Kelly? A) The Instructor was probably reinforcing Kelly's attempt to develop other behaviors.
Created by: Madison Vega
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