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Ch. 27

Protectionism Policy of trade restrictions to protect domestic industries.
Acid Rain Rain containing high amounts of chemical pollutants.
Conservation The careful preservation and protection of natural resources.
Refugee Person who has willingly left his or home to escape war, famine, or other disaster.
Internationalism Involvement in world affairs.
Charter A written document granting land and the authority to set up colonial governments.
Globalization Individuals and nations working across barriers of distance, culture, and technology.
Multinational Firms that does business or has office in many countries.
Human Rights Fundamental freedoms of individuals.
Tribunal Courts established by the UN to hear cases of violations of international human rights laws.
Genocide Mass murder of a people because of their race, religion, ethnicity, politics, or culture.
Apartheid System of laws that separate racial and ethnic groups and limited the rights of blacks in South Africa.
Sanction Measure such as withholding economic aid used to influence a foreign government's actions.
Satellite Nation politically and economically dominated or controlled by another, more powerful country.
Cold War Conflict between United States and The Soviet Union, competing for world influence without military force.
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