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Final 8 Part 2 DD

A time period associated with James Monroe, no war, very little political disagreements, and an increase in nationalism Era of Good Feelings
What event resulted in trade with other countries being cut off and forcing the U.S. into an Industrial Revolution? War of 1812
What resulted from voting qualifications changing and more common people being able to vote? Election of Andrew Jackson as president in 1828
This was a forced removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma because the federal government was convinced there was gold in Georgia and was involved in a Westward Movement and needed the available land for settlers? Trail of Tears
What was the name of the Religious Revival in our country that sparked many people to correct some of the social problems in our country? Second Great Awakening
What inspired many Americans to move west after the Civil War giving them hope of a new tomorrow? Hudson River School paintings
How did Southerners feel about the Tariff of 1828? It cost them more money, they despised it and even threatened to secede it they didn't get their states' rights to nullify it
The U.S. acquired this territory when a treaty was worked out with Great Britain at the 49th Parallel in 1846 Oregon Territory
When cotton became the main crop of the South slave labor shifted from places like Maryland and Delaware to ... Deep South
What were some of the problems that resulted from the Gold Rush years in California? Discrimination toward Chinese, killings, theft, rivers filled up with sediment, disease and sanitation issues
What was acquired from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo after the Mexican War? Mexican Cession
Appomattox Courthouse - ? - 20th Century - WWI - WWII Reconstruction - bringing the South back into the Union
What was the Turning Point of the Civil War and why? Gettysburg, whoever won this battle would win the war and both sides knew it. General Lee lost so much manpower and supplies he was never able to recover
I was the General of the entire Union army the last two years of the Civil War. I went to West Point and got much of my experience from the Mexican War. Who am I? U. S. Grant
I got my name from the Battle of Bull Run when my men refused to retreat. I later won a huge battle at Fredericksburg, Virginia. I was later killed by my own men after Chancellorsville. Who am I? Stonewall Jackson
I was the first African American senator after the Civil War. During the Civil War I raised three regiments of all African American troops. Who am I? Hiram Rhodes Revels
I was passed in order to convince Indians in the West to give up their culture and assimilate into Anglo Saxon white culture. Once the Indian threat had diminished, I encouraged settlers to move west Dawes Act
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