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C28 L3-6

Freedom Riders groups of African Americans and whites boarded buses and headed south, draw attention to segregation, wanted peaceful protests, but buses were set on fire
CORE Freedom Riders were led by James Farmer of the Congress of Racial Equality
tactic a method of doing something
desegregation acts to remove segregation in public places
Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Kennedy, sped up desegregation of schools, protected voting rights of all citizens, ended segregation in public places
March on Washington peaceful gathering at Lincoln Memorial, August- 1963, 200000 people, show support of the Civil Rights Act, MLK, Jr. made his "I have a dream..." speech
developing country a nation that is slowly improving its industry and economy
Limited Test Ban Treaty with US, Britain and Soviet Union- above ground nuclear tests were illegal
Tonkin Gulf Resolution August- 1964, reports of attack of US ships in bay, Johnson asked Congress for right to "take necessary measures", he used this to build up troops in Vietnam
feminist a person who seeks equal rights for women
migrant a worker who travels from place to place to work
AIM American Indian Movement-demanded better opportunities for Indians
Voting Rights Act of 1965 federal government had the power to protect the right of every citizen to vote, including African Americans, black registration went up after this act was signed
Equal Rights Amendment women wanted the same social and economic rights as men, work at any job- even if considered men's, and equal pay, did not make it to Constitution
baby boom the millions of babies born after WWII, 1946- 1965
counterculture a culture of lifestyle that goes against the common culture
Woodstock August- 1969, rock concert in upstate NY, over 400000 people, promoted peacefulness
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