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What was the first capitol of Louisiana? New Orleans
The first country to claim the Louisiana Territory was... France
At the end of the French and Indian War, France gave Louisiana to... Spain
Why did France give up Louisiana at the end of the French and Indian war?
Who was the American general that won the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
Why did the Battle of New Orleans happen if the War of 1810 had already ended? The British didn't know they were on there way.
Who is the current governor of Louisiana? John Bel Edwards
How many parishes does Louisiana have? 64
What river flooded in 1927 devastating Louisiana? The Great Mississippi
What Louisiana governor was known as the "Kingfish"? Huey Long Jr.
Who was the first person to integrate New Orleans public schools? Ruby Bridges
What 2 ways was Louisiana used during World War 2? Louisiana produces vital materials for winning the war and was used for training people.
Why was New Orleans chosen as the first settlement location in Louisiana? It needed more resources
When French colonists rebelled against Spanish rule, who became governor of Louisiana? (name and nickname) Antonio de Ulloa
After slavery ended, what system was put into place to ensure a labor force in the south? Black Codes
What does "Mardi Gras" mean in English? Fat Tuesday
Who was Louisiana named for? King Louie
Who was the president who made the Louisiana Purchase? Thomas Jefferson
Before the Civil War, what were the 2 main important crops in Louisiana? Cotton and Sugarcane
What city was left unprotected and captured by the Union during the Civil War? Savannah
What is the oldest settlement in Louisiana? Natchitoches
What river separates Louisiana from Texas? Red River
Why was Toledo Bend Reservoir built? Water, Power and Recreation
What natural disasters are most likely to occur in Louisiana? Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Flooding
How many representatives does Louisiana have in the US House of Representatives? 6
What form of local government do most Louisiana Parishes have? Police Jury
Who was expelled from Canada and ended up in South Louisiana? Acadians
What supreme court case legalized the idea "separate but equal" in 1896? Plessy vs. Ferguson
What case overturned the case #29? When? Brown vs. Board of Education (1954)
At the end of the Civil War, what sate returned to the Union under the 10% plan?
When did Louisiana become a state? April 30, 1812
What became the capitol of Louisiana in 1849? Baton Rouge
What is the state bird of Louisiana? Brown Pelican
What is the state flower of Louisiana? Magnolia
A flooded forest is a... Swamp Forest
What states touch Louisiana? Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi
What parishes were used during the Louisiana Maneuvers? (4) Natchitoches, Winn, Rapides, Vernon, Claiborne and Webster
Who designed the capitol building located in Baton Rouge? Why is it special? James Dakin and Huey Long was assassinated in it.
What are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras? Gold, Purple and Green
What economic activities take place in the Gulf of Mexico? Fishing, Touring and Erospace
Louisiana's climate is... Hot and Humid
The FIRST governor of Louisiana was... Bienville
The largest body of water that effects Louisiana is the... Mississippi River
At the parish level, who is the chief law enforcement officer and tax collector?
What is the highest point in Louisiana? Driskill Mountain
When and Where was Huey Long assassinated? September 1935, Baton Rouge, LA
Who was the president during the War of 1812? James Madison
What is the maximum number of years a person can be president? 10
What are the THREE state mottos of Louisiana? Confidence, Union and Justice
List 3 major industries in Louisiana. Oil, Natural Gas, Agriculture
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