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Most institutions didn’t survive the fall of Rome. Which institution did? The Church
How was Charlemagne successful in spreading Christianity? conquests encourage/ force conversion
During the middle ages Christian monks lived and studied in self-sufficient communities. What are these called? Monasteries
What are clergy? Men given authority by the church
Men given authority by the church Political and social ties to royalty and nobility
What is one big reason the Church had so much power as an institution during the middle ages? The church has great wealth
Pope Was the spiritual leader and the political leader of the church
Cardinals Helped the pope run the church
Bishops Ran the dioceses areas with several churches
Priests Ran individual church/ parish administered sacraments
Monks Study translated, study lived ascetic life style of devotion
describe the crusades. military expeditions from christian Europe to Muslim Palestine. Example of the “holy War”
1st crusades act Seljuk Turks take over Jerusalem in 1071 persecutes Christians Pilgrimages no longer possible for Christians
There were many versions of the crusades. How did they eventually end? Who won? What was the agreement that was reached? King richard and the christians agree to leave palestine/ jerusalem in muslim control Sultan saladin agrees to allow pilgrimages
Christians became more ---- to jews Hostile
Jews were --- from England and France Expelled
Christians saw other religions as ------ Enemy
What is feudalism? Social and government order Structure designed to be mutually dependent/beneficial
King Largest land owner ultimate authority and power protection, loyalty, provide land, order
Nobility & Church Officials received land from the king Provide king taxes, loyalty, protection
Knights & Vassals Small piece of land from Nobel Provide loyalty, protection, and taxes
Peasants Receives basic necessities: shelter, food, and protection Provides manual labor/work
Which group in Feudal Europe was the largest? The poor- peasants and serfs
Most peasants were also considered “serfs”. What does this mean? Serfs could never leave the land they worked on
How and why would feudalism work for so many years in Europe during the middle ages? Basic needs were met, food, shelter
What was the Magna Carta and how did it come to be? 1199 king John lost wars = taxes high, bad economy nobility united, Magna Carta demanding rights
What did the Magna Carta guarantee? Protection of law and trial of jury
In 1264 English nobles removed a king when he broke an agreement. What came next? Establish Parliament- represent of the nobility
Early on, what did the English Parliament demand responsibility for in response to previous problems with kings? Parliament had responsibility for approving taxes
rule of law the law is the law for everyone
Limited Government The government is, the king no longer had all control
Due Process The king cant take your life or liberty without a trial
What was the bubonic plague? Highly contagious and you will always die from it within a few days
How did the bubonic plague impact Christians Saw it as a punishment for a sin
How did the bubonic plague impact Wars These stopped because not enough people to fight
How did the bubonic plague impact Trade This declined because not enough people to
How did the bubonic plague impact Economy Workers were scarce so they could ask for higher pay
How did the black death weaken the feudal system? Shortage of labor and higher wages feudalism began to fail
Created by: Maddie.b
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