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Civil War Stack

A war not so civil

Sectionalism Having loyalty to a certain region of the country, instead of the whole country.
Fugitive A person who has escaped, and is now in hiding, it most likely applies to prisoners or slaves.
Secede Formally withdraw from a Federal Union, Religious organization, or an alliance.
Abstain Formally decline to vote either for a proposal or motion, or against the proposal/motion.
Popular Sovereignty Sovereignty of the peoples rule. The authority of the state or government is ran by the vote or decisions of the people.
Border Ruffians The names applied to pro-slavery activists who crossed the border into Kansas to force the support of slavery upon the citizens.
Arsenal A collection of military equipment and weapons stored by a person, group, or country.
Secession The act of formally withdrawing from a Federal Union, Religious organization, or an alliance.
States Rights The rights that are held by U.S. states rather than the federal government.
Border State Any of the other states bordering the free states.
Blockade The act of sealing a location off to prevent people or goods for moving in or out.
Offensive Actively aggressive or attacking.
Rebel A person who disagrees with the way an established government or ruler runs, and rises in opposition or armed resistance.
Yankee A person who lives in, or is from the U.S.
Blockade Runner A ship that manages to enter or leave a blockaded port.
Ironclad The name of an iron plated battleship built during the civil war.
Casualty A person killed in a war or an accident.
Emancipate To set free from legal, social, or political restrictions.
Ratify To give formal consent to a treaty, contract, or agreement, and make it valid.
Habeas Corpus A warrant that requires a person who is being jailed to be brought to a judge or court, most likely to secure the person's release if the punishment is lawful.
Draft Mandatory recruitment for military service.
Bounty A sum paid for capturing or killing a person, or a sum that encouraged trade.
Greenback Another name for U.S. Dollars.
Inflation A general increase in prices, and drop in the purchasing value of money.
Entrenched Difficult and unlikely to change.
Total War Catastrophic type of war where the required legal laws are disregarded, in result causing a calamity.
Created by: KiannaF
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