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Chapter 9-Logan

There is an 800-mile pipeline in the state of _____________. Alaska
You would know that a house belongs to a Tlingit tribal member if you see__________ ___________ in the front. totem poles
The Blackfeet tribe is located in _________________ and they have a council of older people. Montana
An _______________ is formed as the result of an erupting volcano. island
The _________________tribe is located along the Californian coast and their tools are made from stone and wood. Chumash
The state of _________________produces the widest variety of agricultural products. California
Totem poles are key traits of the ______________tribe. Tlingit
Dutch Harbor in Unalaska, Alaska, is important to that state's economy because it is a large ___________port where millions of pounds of ______________are caught each year. fishing seafood
When Ansel Adams writes, "Yosemite Valley, to me, is always a sunrise" it means that he pictures Yosemite Valley in the early ______________ when he thinks about it. morning
State governments educate the public with slogans like, "We live in a desert" which supports the idea that everyone is doing their part to meet the challenge of water ______________. scarcity
Sudden rainstorms could be experienced in the Western _________ ____________. Great Plains
________________ ____________ ___________ in _______________is a site found in a western state that would have lush plants and the ocean. Wai'anapanapa State Park Hawaii
One type of snake found in the Western Deserts is the ____________rattlesnake. Mojave
The Western Great Plains are located in the __________ ____________of the Rocky Mountains. rain shadow
Chinese workers helped contribute to the growth of the West by helping to complete the _____________________ ________________. transcontinental railroad
A fringe-toed lizard would be found in the Western_____________. Deserts
Electronic equipment and automobiles are examples of _________ that come into the West from Japan. imports
A large desert found in the Western Deserts is __________ ________. Death Valley
The United States ___________things like movies, computer software, and agricultural products to the other Pacific Rim countries. exports
Pronghorns are found in the Western _____________ ____________. Great Plains
Many mountainous Western states are rich in _________________. minerals
In _________, gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill. 1848
The ______________ Mountains make up the largest mountain range in North America. Rocky
The transcontinental railroad was completed in __________. 1869
The __________ ___________ Range is located in eastern California and western Nevada. Sierra Nevada
In ____________, Father Junipero Serra built a mission in present-day San Diego. 1769
The ________________ Range extends from the northern California coast up through Oregon and Washington. Cascade
Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo landed along the California coast in the year __________. 1542
The western state with the most little-used land is _____________. Alaska
Created by: Mrs. Logan



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