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ss final exam

What is the practice of extending a nations power by gaining territories for a colonial empire called? imperialism
What is the practice of advoiding involvement in other countries business called? isolationism
What was the name of the immigration station where most European immigrants entered to U.S? Ellis Island
What is the aggressive strengthening of armed forces called? millitarism
A factory fire that killed 146 workers that were trapped in the building and this led to new safety standard laws in buildings. tringle shirtwaste
The transcontinental was completed in 1869 when the Central Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad met in what location? Promontory,Utah
Seward's Folly refers to what? Purchase of Alaska
To build the Panama Canal, what country did the United States help Panama lead a revolution against? Colombia
The destruction of what American ship directly led to the start of the Spanish-American war? USS Maine
What was the program of mass murder in which the Nazis tried to exterminate the entire Jewish population in Europe called? Holocaust
What does the acronym NAACP stand for? What was the purpose of the organization? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-Bring attention to racial inequality
The Supreme Court's decision in Plessy v. Ferguson established a doctrine known as what? separate but equal
A term that became to describe journalists who "racked up" and exposed corruption and problems of society was called what? muckraker
What muckraker wrote a book called The Jungle about the conditions in a meat packing plant? Upton Sinclair
What was the primary of Jame Addams Hull House? It was a neighborhood center staffed by professionals and volunteers for education , recreation , and social activities in poor areas
What are the 4 MAIN causes? Millitarism , Alliances , Imperialism , Nationalism
Whose assassination sparked World War 1? Francis Ferdinand
In the Zimmerman Telegram , Germany invited what country into an alliance? Mexico
What was the purpose of the League of Nations? to find peaceful solutiuons
In the 1920's a period of artistic achievement by black people was known as what? Harlem Renaissance
what was the significance of the Kellogg-Briand Pact? outlawed war
What was the purpose of the Nineteenth Amendment? women could vote
Created by: EmmaW0409