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ss final exam

what is the practice of extending a nations power by gaining territories for a colonia empire called imperialism
what is the practice of avoiding involvement in other countrries business called isolatisonism
what was the name of the immigrstion station where most European immigrants entered the U.S ellis island
what is the aggressive strengthening of armed forces called militarlism
a factory fire that killed 146 workers that were trapped in the building and this led to new safety standard laws in bulidings trangle shirt waist
the transcotinetal railroad was completer in 1869 when the central pacific railroad met in what location promontory shirt waist
seward folly refers to what purchase of alaska
to build the panama canal what country did the united states help panama lead a revolution against colobia
the destruction of what American ship directly led to the start of the Spanish American war uss marien
what was the program program of mass murder in witch the Nazi tried to exterminate the entire jew in Europe called holocast
what was the acronym naacp stand for national association advancement colored people
the supreme courts decision in Plessy v. ferguson establish a doctrine kown as what sperated but equal
a team that became to describe journalist who e and problem of society was called by what muckraker
what muckraker wrote a book called jungle upton sinclair
what was the primary purpose of jane Addams hull house it was a neighborhood staff
the for main cases are militarlism alliances imperialism nationlism
who was assassinated in spark of ww1 francis ferdinand
in Zimmerman telegram, germany invited what country into an allowance mexico
what was the purpose of leage of nations to find peace solution to disagreements
period artidtic acheavement by afican American harlem renaissance
what was the significance of the Kellogg brain pact outlawed war
what whas the purpose of the 19th admendment women could vote
henry ford gained success in what industry in assembly line cost automobiles
what American president intense depletion of the teapot dome scandel harding
during the great depression intence depletion of the topsoil in the Midwest let to what historical event dust bowl
what is the practice of buying on margin purchasing stock on credit hoping to sell on a high price to pay back and profit some
what day was the week describel as black stock marget tuseday
which us president propose to new deal to bring the country out of great depression fdr
it is a system in witch the state government is seen more inportant than the pepole
to develop the atomic bomb
Winston curchhill
pearl harbor
virtnam war
Watergate information Nixon had the tapes to prove he was involved
Tuskegee airman
al qaeda
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