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Honors History Final

What does the term Copperheads mean/ refer to? The name for a faction that developed within the Democratic party that advocated for immediate peace with the Confederacy on terms that would allow it to leave the Union.
What does the term Social Gospel mean/ refer to? This refers to the idea held by some religious leaders in the late 1800's who felt that improving society was "both the right thing for religious people to do" and was also God's will.
Who was Jane Addams? She was a social reformer who organized Hull House - a "settlement house" in Chicago, Illinois.
What does the term New Freedom mean/ refer to? The name of Woodrow Wilson's economic reform program that he advocated for while campaigning for president during the 1912 elections.
What did the American Socialist Party advocate when it formed in 1896? This political party advocated for "government ownership of the nation's major industries and a mandate for higher salaries for workers.
What was the Single Tax Movement? The name of a movement that started as a result of Henry George's proposal of "a 100% tax on any increase in the value of land or any rents on land".
Who was William “Boss” Tweed? He was the leader of the Tammany Hall political machine in the 1860's and 1870's.
What is the Federal Trade Commission? The name of the government agency that was created in 1914 with the purpose of regulating all business activity in the United States.
What was the name of the treaty that ended World War I? The Treaty of Versailles
What does the term League of Nations mean/ refer to? This term refers to "a general association of nations that would help preserve peace by pledging to respect & protect each other's territory & independence".
What was the goal and the result of the Brusilov Offensive? Goal: To relieve pressure on French troops at Verdun; Result: It worked! Germany was forced to move troops from the Western Front to the Eastern Front, relieving pressure on Verdun.
How successful was the Anti-Saloon League politically? As more politicians saw that candidates supported by the League were being elected to office, they switched and began to support Prohibition. The increase of League - supported officials directly related to the passage of the 18th Amendment.
What was the New Deal? The was the name for a series of federal government reform programs - including social programs - meant to help bring an end to the Great Depression.
What did the Five Powers Treaty do/ provide for? An agreement by the U.S., Great Britain, Japan, France, and Italy to limit the number of battleships in their navies as an effort to stop the worldwide growth of armaments.
What was the Kellogg - Briand Pact? “A 1928 treaty that denounced aggression and war, but it lacked the provisions for enforcement.”
What was the Bonus Army? The name given to WWI veterans who marched to Washington, D.C. to demand early payment of enlistment bonuses they had been promised for their service.
Why did some groups oppose the New Deal and some of its programs? Many Americans opposed these programs because they felt it brought the country too close to a state of socialism.
What were Hoovervilles? This was the name given to shantytowns that arose during the Great Depression. Homeless people lived in tiny shacks built from cardboard and wood and steel scraps.
What was the Social Security Administration? This program is meant to provide a pension program for retirement purposes. It is funded through payroll taxes while citizens are employed.
What was the Black Cabinet? “An informal network of African American officials and advisors to the Roosevelt administration who worked together to influence government policy.”
What was Operation Overlord? The invasion of France by the United States and Great Britain during World War II.
What happened to Adolf Hitler at the end of the Beer Hall Putsch? He was arrested, charged with treason, pled guilty, and sentences to 5 years in prison (of which he served 9 months and was paroled).
What does the term "iron curtain" mean/ refer to? This is an international organization led by the U.S., France, China, Britain, and the Soviet Union. Their goal was to try to maintain peace after World War II.
Briefly explain the United States' "massive retaliation" policy. This was the idea that, in order to save money on the U.S. defense budget, the government threatened the U.S.S.R. with nuclear missile strikes if they attempted to expand their nation.
What was the Southern Christian Leadership Conference? This was a group led by Martin Luther King, Jr. whose main purpose was to advocate for African American Civil Rights and to serve as a long - term platform for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideas.
What was the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)? The SNCC was a group of of activists and college students that advocated for non violence related to African American Civil Rights.
Why did African Americans boycott the boycott of the use of city buses in Montgomery, Alabama? The purpose of the Alabama Bus Boycotts was to protest segregation in public transportation in the city. African Americans refused to ride city buses until they were allowed to sit wherever they would like on them.
What was the purpose of the "freedom rides" that began in May, 1961? The purpose of the “freedom rides” was to speed up the racial integration of buses on interstates.
What was the purpose of the Highlander Folk School? The purpose of this group was to teach people how to organize “grassroots” protests.
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