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Module 13

The civilization was based on war and the sacrifice of slaves on a day to day basis Aztecs
This civilization has no set leader. Each person ruled a separate city-state. Mayas
This civilization made a "City in the Sky" on a mountain and was later names Machu Picchu. Incas
How were the Mayas and Aztecs similar? They both used human sacrifice for the god, art and architecture was the same (pyramids), social class structure, and jobs
How were the Mayas and Aztecs different? Government- Mayas had separate leaders per city-state. Aztecs had one leader with total control.
What made the Mayas and Aztecs barbaric? They believed that bloodletting was the only way to make the gods happy. The Mayas would cut themselves and bloodlet, while the Aztecs would use their slaves from conquered lands as a human sacrifice.
Why did the Mayan civilization decline? Loss of faith - they didn't bloodlet, yet the sun still came up Overuse of land - when you use all the soil up, it won't be able to produce crops Disease - wiped them all out War - someone came and took them over
How is the Incan government like a modern-day welfare state? They took care of the elderly and would care for the ill.
What ended the Incan and Aztec empires? The spanish conquered them.
Where did the first Americans come from? Asia
How did the Native Americans live at first? They were hunters and gatherers.
What is a totem? Natural objects used by native American clans to identify and unify clans.
How did the Native Americans view the land? The land is sacred and special. People cannot own the land or claim the land.
What were the main beliefs of all the Native Americans? The land is sacred and should be respected. Family is very important and should be taken seriously. Trade connects everyone together. There are nature spirits (polytheism),
Pacific Northwest people were hunters and gatherers, what did they hunt? They hunted whales, fished in lakes, and obtained items in the forest.
What civilization had the most difficult environment filled with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and dry lands? The Incas
Who made up the glyphs? What civilization? The Mayan civilization
What were some things that the Mayas were known for? Advanced calendars, engineering, astronomy, and predictions of human extinction.
Villages made of adobe, stone, and clays... Pueblos
What was the main achievement of the Northeast tribe? Political alliances
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