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29 Vietnam War

Vietnam War The Cold War event that caused many American deaths, caused Americans to lose trust in their government and question how far we will go to stop communism
26th Amendment The change to the Constitution that lowered the voting age from 21 t0 18.
television Technology that brought the Vietnam War into people's homes with the nightly news and had a big influence on public opinion about the war
The Vietnam war ended with North Vietnam invading the South and making the whole country communist Domino theory
Domino theory A fear that if one country fell to communism then the countries near it would become communist too.
Ho Chi Minh The communist leader of North Vietnam
France The country that claimed control of Vietnam after World War II
Ngo Dinh Diem leader that the US supported because he was anti-communist
Tonkin Gulf Resolution increased US involvement in Vietnam after North Vietnamese fired on US ships
escalation increasing the number of troops in Vietnam
Search and destroy finding groups supporting North Vietnam and damaging the area with military attacks
Operation Rolling Thunder massive bombing attack by the US on North Vietnam
guerilla warfare surprise attacks used by the North Vietnamese Army
Ho Chi Minh trail secret series of tunnels used by the North Vietnamese to travel through the jungles
My Lai incident US soldiers killed 500 innocent people in a village by mistake
Tet Offensive surprise attacks all over South Vietnam by the North, which shocked Americans
Hawks supporters of war
Doves opposed to war
War Powers Act Congress limits the President's ability to declare war
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