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Why did the CIA help overthrow Ngo Dinh Diem? His government was corrupt and very unpopular in South Vietnam.
What were the 1st programs to "find and destroy the enemy" in Vietnam? These were the strategic hamlet programs. They were combat missions to get rid of North Vietnamese infiltrators and sympathizers in South Vietnam.
What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Legislation passed by Congress in 1964 that allowed the U.S. to use force to protect American interests in Vietnam.
Why did President Johnson intervene in Vietnam? He was worried that he would be seen as an appear which would enable new communist aggression elsewhere and decrease his popularity.
What happened to the USS Maddox? It fought a North Vietnamese torpedo boat, and this incident was used as a justification for using military force in Vietnam. It was later found that there was no evidence that anything was fired at the Maddox to start the conflict.
Why did public opinion quickly and dramatically turn against the Vietnam War? Johnson had quietly began the war and hadn't built public support because of that. While most initially trusted the President, news reports and draft calls generated opposition.
For what groups was it particularly difficult to get draft deferments? Minorities and the working class.
What was the 1st Tet Offensive? It was a significant North Vietnamese assault on American bases across Vietnam.
What did President Johnson decide about his re-election in 1968? Why? He decided not to seek re-election because he realized that he wouldn't be able to effectively govern since he had lost the public's trust.
Why did Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale found the Black Panther Party? What did they do? They were convinced that urban police forces acted as an occupying army in black communities, and wanted black people to be able to defend themselves. They conducted their own armed patrols of Oakland, California .
What was the impact of Bobby Kennedy's assassination? The Democratic Party was without an elected nominee and had to choose Johnson's Vice President Hubert Humphrey, who had not won a single primary election.
Who won the election of 1968? Richard Nixon
What were "teach-ins"? Gatherings at college campuses where experts or well-educated students taught others about Vietnam and built public opposition to the war.
How did some resist the draft? Leaving the country (largely for Canada), refusing to answer draft calls, and covering the Dow Chemical Office in blood.
What were the Paris Peace Talks? Talks with North Vietnam that led to an agreement by the Nixon administration to withdraw all U.S. troops from Vietnam in 1972.
Who were the Khmer Rouge and what did they do? They were the anti-American Communist insurgency that took control of Cambodia after a devastating civil war. They murdered anyone with Western influence or education, enforced long work days, and starved the population.
What does the term "Vietnamization" refer to? The policy of turning the fighting of the Vietnam War over to South Vietnam in exchange for greater U.S. financial support.
What happened at Kent State University on May 4th, 1970? Ohio National Guard troops opened fire on unarmed protesters and killed 4 of them.
What were the effects of the American recognition of Communist China and President Nixon's visit there? China promised not to intervene in Vietnam, new diplomatic channels were established, trade and travel opportunities expanded, China ended decades of isolation, the U.S. lessened its military presence in Taiwan, and Nixon got a public relations boost.
What were the SALT I and ABM treaties? Major treaties negotiated with the Soviet Union to reduce the world's supply on nuclear weapons.
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