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Basic Vocab

Annamaya Kosha Layer of Illusion derived from Food
Karma The Sum of the Effects of Past Actions Action Work
Papa Sin ActionThat Causes Remorse After we have acted with the wrong intention
Prakrti Pra-creet-tee Matter Nature Material of the Universe
Dama Self Control in Relation to Five Sense Organs
Drharma Nature, Inherent Quality of Anything Duty Heat in Fire
Guna Thought Quality or Texture of Creation Everything Matter Thoughts Emotions
Kosas Sheaths External Coatings of the Self Food, Vital Air, Mental, Intellectual, Bliss Sheaths
Loka World Field of Experience Plane of Existance
Manas Organ of Mind, Thoughts in the Form of Emotions Intermediary between Senses & Buddhi
Buddhi Organ of Mind Discrimination The Intellect, Thoughts Functioning as Ideas, Judgments Decisions
Antakarana Aunta-Car-Ana Inner Equipment Overall Organ of Mind Seat of Thought & Feeling Multiple Functions:
Citta Organ of Mind Responsible for Memory (heart) Aspect of Subtle Body makes thoughts apparent to us
Jiva Individual Soul Identification of the Atman with BMI Embodied Atman
Vasanas Inborn Dispositions, Motivating Urges, Deep in Unconscious Impressions Formed in the Personality when One acts with Ego Centric Desires
Ahankara Ego Identification or Attatchemnt of True Self with BMI Worldly Role (Husband)
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