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Ch 3 Vocabulary

Process in which moist air rises up a mountain range and then cools and falls as precipitation, leaving the other side of the range mostly dry rainshadow effect
To send to another country for aid or profit export
The movement to end slavery, before and during the Civil War in the United States abolition
A war between opposing groups of citizens in the same country civil war
A barrier that controls the flow of water dam
An object made by humans from a past culture aquifer
Capable of being continued without damaging the environment or using up resources permanently sustainable
A partnership between countries alliance
An action to overthrow a government by citizens or colonists revolution
The buissness or producing crops to sell commercial agriculture
Across an entire continent transcontinental
A person send by a religious organization to convert others to that religion missionary
A large mass of ice and packed snow glacier
A large farm that grows crops for profit plantation
A document that organizes a government and states its powers constitution
A formal change to a law amendment
The shift to large-scale production using machines industrialization
To formally withdraw secede
A system of several parallel mountain ranges cordillera
The refusal to take sides or become involved neutrality
A ruler with complete control dictator
An underground pool of water cenote
To build settlements and develop trade in lands that a country controls colonize
Connected in one block contiguous
A settler of new land pioneer
A long period with little or no precipitation drought
A fee paid to a government for public services tax
A body of land surrounded on three sides by water peninsula
Farming to grow only enough food for families to eat, not to sell subsistence farming
In terms of climate temperate
To strengthen fortify
A type of warfare using violence to achieve political results, typically carried out by individuals or small groups terrorism
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