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SS Imperial Japan

Keywords to understand for learning on Imperial Japan

Tokugawa Shogunate Japan is isolated from the rest of the world mainly because of influence of traveling foreigners
Settler Colonialism An empire sending their own people to take control of a foreign territory usually relocating the native people in the process
Economic Colonialism An empire trying to feed the claimed needs of the Industrial Revolution including raw materials and potential markets
First Opium War Caused by China refusing to trade with foreigners with the British forcing their way into China ultimately leading to China opening ports to trade with foreigners (1839-1842)
Second Opium War Caused by British wanting more...ended up with legalizing opium within China (1856-1860)
Taiping Rebellion Caused by legalization of opium within China and Chinese people being unhappy with Qing Dynasty
Gunboat Diplomacy Trying to accomplish or trigger a foreign policy objective aided by an underlying or obvious military threat
Matthew Perry American commodore with his boats coming to Japan to convince Japanese to trade with Americans which is an example of gunboat diplomacy (1853) came back in a year and Japanese, looking at what happened with China and the British, accepted
Emperor Mutsuhito Unlike previous times, the emperor had power over what happened to Japan; begin of Meiji Restoration (came into power 1867)
Meiji Restoration Japan saw they had two choices: dominate or be dominated by an empire...a time of industrialization; for example, increasing coal production 40 fold, thousands more steamships, 7,000 miles of railroad track
WWII During this time, took over Korea, and occupied Northeast China, French Indo-China, British Burma, the Dutch Indies, Indonesia, and Philippines; treated people brutally
End of WWII (1945) During this time Japan's time as an imperial power ends
What type of colonialism did Japan have? Japan definitely wanted natural resources but also wanted to become an important global power in the world fueled by the fear of being colonized themselves
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