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SS Chapter 3E Today


What term best defines an investor who made money on government bonds during the American Revolution? A) speculator B) mercenary C) Patriot D) privateer speculator
What nation gained Florida from the British in 1783? A) France B) United States C) Russia D) Spain Spain
How did the American Revolution economically affect the colonies? A) The British allowed the United States to trade with other nations. B) Trade decreased because there was a shortage of factory workers. C) A huge debt plagued the new government. D) The United States manufacturers refused to use the new machinery already used in Britain. A huge debt plagued the new government.
After the Revolutionary War, how did King George III show his disrespect for the United States? A) He landed British troops in the former Middle Colonies. B) He refused to withdraw British troops from the Northwest Territory. C) He forced Loyalists in Britain to return to the United States. D) He refused to sign a peace treaty. He refused to withdraw British troops from the Northwest Territory.
What was the situation of most free blacks in the North after the Revolutionary War? A) They enjoyed the same legal rights as whites. B) They were shipped to the South. C) They were sold as slaves to other nations. D) They lived in segregated areas. They lived in segregated areas.
Why were state constitutions written immediately after the Revolution? A) to limit the Governor's power B) to restrict representative government C) to restrict the power of the legislature D) to expand the power of judges to limit the Governor's power
Why did Massachusetts want a special convention to write their state's constitution? A) to prevent the voters from influencing the constitution B) to put the constitution beyond the reach of the legislature C) to increase the power of their legislature D) to abolish the legislative branch of government to increase the power of their legislature
Why did Thomas Jefferson oppose established churches? A) He wanted the people in a community to have the right to forbid certain forms of religious worship. B) He believed that the government should not support a specific church. C) He thought all churches should receive government funding. D) He wanted the states to limit freedom of religion. He believed that the government should not support a specific church.
With whom did America lose trading rights following the American Revolution? A) Holland B) British West Indies C) France D) Spain British West Indies
During the early 1800s, what was a major influence in the struggle for political independence in Latin America? A) American and French Revolutions B) demands of Latin American workers to own their own factories C) desire of the Roman Catholic Church in Latin America to escape European control D) poor conditions in Latin American urban centers American and French Revolutions
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