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Renaissance test 2


What political and social changes occured in the Christian religion after the reformation? Eastern orthodox,roman catholic. Church lost power, people moved around , traded, etc...
What impact did exploration, conquest, and colonization have on europe , Africa, and the Americas? Europe created colonies in the Americas and made a profit off of land and resources. - As Europe gained control of land native americans lost control. - Europeans forced native americans to work( slavery) - both E/A came to USA was like 3 diffrent
How does the improvements in transportaion, technology, and communication impact trade, religion and other forms of cultural diffusion? Rising cost of trade allowed europeans to look for an alternative route to INdia, when in competion with each other gain growth, wealth, and want to spread religion.
How did the variability of productive resourcese to the World's religions impat specialization and interdependce? They could stand alone to proveide the relion exactyly of their choice and control.
Why where indulges so bad? Had to pay to get rid of sins
How did John Wycliffe attempt to enact change? Wanted everyone to be able to read the bible so translated it from latin to english. Also preached jesus should be head of church not pope.
How did Martin Luther's call for reform lead to a new form of Christianity? He prepared a list of 95 arguments against the indulges.
What did John Whycliff argue against? that the only true guide to religous truth was the Bible, which all chrisatians have a right to read.
How did the Catholic church respond to John Whycliff's critism? Excommunicated him - would not allow him to be aprat of the church anymore
How were the ideas of Luther simialr to Calvin? Calvin belived with Luther that faith alone brought salvation, but thought when born god has already decided your salvation.
How did calvinsim affect everyday life and government? Follwers belived amognst people who were going to be saved , this lead them to work hrad, alwasy follow rules , and began to think could elect government leaders
What events led to cavinlism getting to america? Chased out of where were came to USA for freddom of religion.
How was remformation diffem in Englnd than Germany and Switserland? Religous change in England first came from polictical argumment between pope and King instead of church.
what event cuased henry to seek other wife? first was Catherine who was not having boy instead a girl and was falling in love with Anne Bolyen instead.
Why did catholic church refuse Henrys request of annulment/divorce? Catherine was daughter of king/queen of spain, pope did not want to anger catherines important family.
How did Henry insure loyalty, his crown, and end popes influnce in England? had Pareliment passed the act of supermacy- ordered preiets and bishops to follow this act otherwise killed, seized land and gave some to obels insurring had power of them when they had his land.
What is the Catholic reformation? Stop protesnt ideas, improving things in church that were bad, educating preist more to help educated peole better.
How did the catholic church improve? The council of Trents upported Catholic beliefs that had been challendge by protaests, ended many church abuses- sale of indulgeses, assembly( school for preits)
why were things diffrent in Spain? Protestnt ideas never became very popular in Spain, but when religous conflict began to divide Europe, spain were affected. spanish rulers ditrusted protest coutries adn citizens.
What was the Inquistion? Religous court, to root out heresy, or beliefs that oppsed church teachings.
what does Hugunots also stand for? protests
why is the period between 15-11650 know as the Religous war period? Kings/queens of europe expected people to follow religion if not punnished, this led to a rebel, movemnts, and more
Which countries where leading the Catholi and protesat nations? ENGLAND - protestant SPAIN- catholic
Why did spanish lose religous war in 1588? Spain had huge ships that could not fit threw narow space- bottle neck method
How was the situation in france diffrent and finally resolved? To keep peace catherine supported both churches, resolved when Henry issued an edict, or order, while visting teh city of mantes, the edict stated that cathoicism was the offical religion of France vut allowed to practice preotest too
Where was the conflict the ferists in Europe? Holy Roman Empire
What circumstances/desires lead to overseas exploration? reduce cost, reach route to Asia, wanted spices,found new things on the way such as gold and silver
What inventions ontributed to portuges trade improveents? Magnetic compass, trainglur sail=faster, and caculate longitude/lattidue using the stars.
What mistake did christirpher columbus orginally make? Thought he was in Asia but actually in America.
What does it mean to circumnavigate? and who led this journey? To completey go around something- Magellan
What were the 2 religons that Western chrisanity split into? Roman Catholic and Protestants
what were teh 2 religouns that the christain church split into? Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic
What were the main christain churches in order? 1. Eastern Orthodox 2.Roman Catholic 3.Luthern 4.Anglican 5.Calvinist
what kind of life did the ANABAPTISM people live? secluded to stay out of salvation world, new testement of Bible = all rules
what kind of life did the Lutheranism peopel live? Founded my Martin Luther, only had to have faith in god to have salvation, combination of catholic and new luthern rituals
what kind of life did the Calvinism people live? everyones salvation has already been decided since born, bible = laws/government, strcit rules, direct relationship with god
what kind of life did the Anglicanism and Catholicism people live? Belived salvation was to have faith in god, if born sinful with orginal sin, based belief off bible, pope/ king power, Only diffrence between 2 religions is that catholic is run by pope and Anglicaism is Henry the 8th
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