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HPISD SS7 for Exams

mainly for hpms students in 7th grade studing for winter finals.

Absolute location Location using latitude and longitude
Reigons an area united by one or more characteristics
Relative location location in relationship to other places. Ex.- Austin is 5000 miles south of Dallas (made up)
Physical Charactics Physical systems that interact the shape of the surface (volcanos and hurricanes)
Human-Environment interaction how people affect the environment
Human Systems People Shape the earth
Physical Systems Land Masses and Natural Disasters
Plain Flat land with small hills or none
Aquifers- definitions, names, locations Underground Water resourses, Edwards Aquifer in Austin
Wrong way rivers takes water from dry land to wet
Escarpments- Definitions, names long cliff, Balcones Escarpment
Gulf of Mexico- Effects on climate ocean breezes and rain in Texas
Precipitation/elevation- relationship Elevation effects pricipitation because warm air holds more water than cold air
Metroplex cities Major manufacturing and trade centers.
Buttes Small, flat topped hills
Edwards Plateau Section of the Great Plains
Erosion When weathering wears away land
Basin Saucer shaped depressions
Mountain and Basins- Population Very sparsly settled, but does have large city El Paso
Land Bridge- Asia to America Bering Strait, gone now
Archaeologists Study past people and culture
Anthropoligists Study Land
Archaic Age Climate became warmer and dryer, large game animals disapeared
Hunter-Foragers Hunters became farmers because no large game left
Effects of agriculture More settled land because they didnt have to move around to hunt
Jumanos/ Comanches Hunting and War
Native Americans- influence of the Spanich They intermarried and adopted some of their ways of life
Goals of Spaniards Convert Native Americans to catholic faith
Cabeza de Vaca First European to enter Texas, crashed on Galveston and adopted the ways of Karankawas
Civola and Quivira Cibola- Pueblo mistaken for a golden city, Quivira- supposed to have a large river with big fish and gold but wasnt there
Coronado Leader of Expedition to Cibola, accompanied by Fray Marcos
Spanish and Rumors of La Salle's Fort Spanish sent people to distroy French 'Mission', but it was deserted when they got to it.
Mission Religious Outposts
Pueblo Series of flat roofed buildings
Presidos Military outposts
San Francisco De Los Tejas First mission, was in East Texas
French vs. Spanish interests Spanish wanted to settle E. Texas much more than French
San Antonio De Valero The Alamo
Alcalde Chief Offical
Ayuntamiento city council
Mestizos People of mixed Spanish and Native American Heritage. Looked down upon
Marques de Rubi Spanish officer sent to investigate need for missions
Gil Ybarbo The leader of East Texas, wanted to go home but not allowed to so sent to Trinity River
Louisiana Purchase 1803, Doubled the size of US, $15 million
Adams-Onis Treaty Settle and boundry dispute between US and Mexico
Philip Nolan/ Peter Ellis Bean Nolan brought people to Texas when warned not to, Fight killed Nolan but Bean survived
Father Miguel Hidalgo Issued first call for Mexican independance
Republican Army of the North forces of Republic Government
Jean Lafitte Pirate that took galveston form Aury
General Joaquin de Arredono Commander of spanish forces in battle in 1813
Jane Long "Mother of Texas", had first Anglo American child in Texas
James Long Filibuster who tried to free Texas from Spain
Baron de Bastrop Helped SFA with Mexican government for settling Texas
Stephen F. Austin Brought first US settlers to Texas
Austin Colony Requirements Become citzens of Mexico, become Catholic, have good moral character,and be loyal
San Felipe Official town in Texas
Saltillo/ Coahuila y Tejas Saltillo- Capital of Coahuila. Coahuila- Texas and Coahuila together as one state
Terms of empresarios contracts helps you get more land, $30= 4428 acres with a family
Federalists Federal Government
Centralists Dictators
Haden Edwards/Nacogdoches/Republic of Freedonia Haden Edwards was granted land in Nachogdoches but there were already people there so he was angry and his brother, Ben, started the Republic of Freedonia to take Old Stone Fort
Law of April 6, 1830 Stoped immagration from US to Texas
Constitution of 1824 Texas wanted to be free from Coahuila, have better schools and postal service
Turtle Bayou Resolutions Colonist declared their loyalty to Mexico
Santa Anna Mexican Leader, First a Federalist, then a centralist
Convention of 1832 and 1833 In 1832 they made these rules- No import taxes, better schools, US could immagrate. In 1833 they reinstated these rules
General Martin Perfecto de Cos Santa Anna's brother in law, commander of Mexican forces in Coahuila
Lorenzo de Zavala A distinguished Mexican politition, disloyal to Mexico
Battle of Gonzales over a small canon, first battle of revolution, "Lexington of Texas"
Goliad Texans wanted to capture a Presido
Consultation/ Provisional Government Consultation- Meeting Provisional Government- Temperary Government
Declaration of the People Texans said they were loyal to Mexico but not to Santa Anna
Ben Milam Empressario, helped capture Goliad and marched with the Texas army to San Antonio
Juan Seguin Texas native, supporter of Texas movement towardsindependence
Convention of 1836 Elected chairman and secratary of meeting, then to write the Declaration of Independence
Texas Independence Day March 2nd 1836
Texas Constitution/ U.S. constitution President, 3 Branches of Government, bill of rights, freedom of speech and religion, trial by jury, basic civil rights
Ad Interim Gov. Temperary Government because of war
David G. Burnet Early Pioneer, ad interium President
William F. Gray Kept a diary at convention of 1836
Lorenzo de Zavala Elected Vice President of Texas unanamously
Created by: jesusislife2011