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Fuedle Japan Howard

Learning about Fuedle Japan and Imperial

Feudal: Samurai A warrior of Japan.
imperial: Buddhism A widespread Asian religion or philosophy, founded by Siddartha Gautama in northeastern India in the 5th century BC.
Imperial: Zen Buddhism A more peaceful form of Buddhism.
Imperial: KuKai A scholar, poet, and monk who founded Shingon Buddhism in Japan.
Feudal: Emperor A ruler of Japan.
Feudal: Civilization The stage/growth of towns or cities.
Feudal: Allies Countries that are friends, and have a peace treaty.
Feudal: Clans A large, tight group of people. In this case mainly Armies.
Feudal: Conquer To defeat something, or take over.
Feudal: Bakufu System The feudal political system in the Edo period of Japan.
Imperial: Protectorate A Country under partial control and protection of another Nation.
Imperial: Treaty of Kanagwa Allowing ports to open, and letting the US bring supplies in and out of Japan.
Imperial: Meiji A Emperor who made a dramatic change in Japan- from 1867-1912.
Feudal: Ritual Suicide or Seppuku Killing themselves if they dishonor, by dressing in white, eating favorite foods, then cutting themslef in half.
Feudal: Daimyos A local lord, in the Samurai era.
Feudal: Shogun The head of a military government in the Samurai era.
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