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Government Judge

How many votes does it take for the Supreme court to take a case? 4
How many Supreme Court justices are there? 8 and 1 chief altogether 9
What courts have appellate jurisdiction? Appellate Court, Supreme Court
what courts have exclusive jurisdiction? Federal Court
What courts have concurrent jurisdiction? by Federal or State Court
What federal court has original jurisdiction over most court cases? District Court
What is the significance of Marbury v. Madison? Gave all courts the right to judicial review
How does the judicial branch ensure its independence? Serves for life and they don't have a political party
Why did framers have justices serve for life? No risk of people kicking them out and independent from political parties
What is the difference between majority, concurring, and dissenting opinion? Winner, win or lose for different reason, loser
How many cases request a writ of certiorari and how many are heard? 8,000-10,000 a year but only 100 are heard
How long do attorneys have to present oral arguments before the Supreme Court? 30 mins
What are two ways that courts are influenced in policy making and how do they affect polices made by the Supreme Court? Judicial restraint: decide cases based on original intent and Judicial activism: Judges should act badly and set policy by interpreting the Constitution with current times
How does a Supreme Court justice become a justice? They are appointed by the president
Who is the petitioner and respondent of a court case? Petitioner = person who appoints it Respondent = person who is arguing against
What is writ of certiorari? a direct order by the Supreme Court to a lower court to send up a case to be reviewed
Who sets up the federal judicial court system? Constitution
Which article of the Constitution created the federal judiciary? Article 3
Write the 8 justices and the Chief Justice: first and last name 1. Brett Kavanaugh 2. Neil Gorsuch 3. Elena Kagan 4. Sonia Sotomayer 5. Samuel Alito 6. Stephen Breyer 7. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 8. Clarence Thomas Chief is John Roberts
What courts have original jurisdiction? District Court, Supreme Court
Texas v. Johnson Vote= 5-4 It came from Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. It was about the desecration of the American flag and how it is a form of free speech; 1st Amendment
Tinker v. Des Moines petitioner= Tinker Respondent = Des Moines. Vote= 7-2. It came from the Lower Court. It was about the prohibition against symbolic protest violating students rights of the 1st amendment and that they still have the right to protest at school.
Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier Petitioner= Hazelwood Respondent= Kuhlmeier. Vote= 5-3. Came from Lower Court: U.S. Court of Appeals. The principles deletion of the articles violates students rights, 1st Amendment.
New York Times v. United States Came from Lower Court: U.S. Court of Appeals. Preventing the publication of "classified" material 1st Amendment, free speech and free press.
Bethel School District v. Fraser petitioner= bethel Respondent= Fraser. Vote=7-2. 1st Amendment at school and restricting when using profanity.
Mapp v. Ohio Vote=6-3. Came from Ohio Spring Court. 4th Amendment search and seizure. Excluderary rule-- the police must have a warrant for the material evidence for the search and seizure
Gideon v. Wainwright Vote 9-0. Came from Florida. 5th Amendment right to an attorney and it gave everyone the right to an attorney.
Miranda v. Arizona Vote=5-4. 5th and 6th Amendment right to have Miranda rights read to not self incriminate their rights to an attorney.
New Jersey v. T.L.O. Vote=6-3. New jersey Courts; 4th Amendment right to search and seizure on school grounds. First schools must provide a safe environment they only need reasonable suspicion and no warrant
Korematsu v. U.S. Vote=6-3. Supreme Court. 14th Amendment right of due process. 5th amendment right because f the fed. gov. has the right to deny due process to groups of people that were "in suspect"
Regents of the University of California v. Bakke All that is needed to know is All affirmative action polices-- polices enacted to level the playing field
Griswold v. Connecticut Rights to privacy 14th Amendment. FERPA and HIPPA
Marbury v. Madison 9-0. Supreme Court. Gave all courts the right to judicial review
Created by: alexs13
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