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Great Society I

Flashcards on LBJ's Great Society Programs

Definition Term
This act outlawed discrimination in public accommodations, housing, and jobs; increased federal power to prosecute civil rights abuses Civil Rights Act
This act targeted aid for highways, health centers, and resource development in that economically depressed area Appalachian Regional Development Act
This act ended national-origins quotas established in 1924 Immigration Act
This act created Job Corps, VISTA, Project Head Start, and other programs to fight the war on poverty Economic Opportunity Act
Created to deal with national air, rail, and highway transportation "Department of Transportation
This act funded slum rebuilding, mass transit and other improvements for selected "model cities" Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Area Redevelopment Act
Formed to administer federal housing programs Department of Housing and Urban Development
This act required states to clean up their rivers Water Quality Act
This act set standards for labeling consumer products Truth in Packaging Act
Set federal air pollution guidelines and extended federal enforcement power Air Quality Act
This act set aside over 9 million acres for national forest lands Wilderness Preservation Act
This act funded scholarships and low-interest loans for college students "Higher Education Act "
Set up highway safety programs Highway Safety Act
Abolished Poll Taxes 24th Amendment
set federal safety standards in the auto and tire industries National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act
cut individual and corporate taxes to stimulate the economy Tax Reduction Act
Created to financially assist painters, musicians, actors, and other artists The National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities
Provided money for low-income housing "Omnibus Housing Act
directed money to schools for textbooks, library materials, and special education Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Established emission standards for new motor vehicles Clean Air Act
Provided government funded medical assistance for the elderly Medicare
Provided government funded medical assistance for low income people Medicaid
Ended the practice of requiring voters to pass literacy tests and permitted the federal government to monitor voter registration Voting Rights Act of 1965
Formed to fund educational TV and Radio Broadcasting Corporation for Public Broadcasting
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