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STAAR Review


Virginia House of Burgesses First representative assembly that made laws for the colony of Jamestown -1619
Mayflower Compact Pilgrim fathers wrote this document before exiting the Mayflower to give colonists some rules agreed to by the whole group to help them survive. They called it a Civil Body Politic. It started self rule in America.
1607 First permanent English settlement of Jamestown
1620 When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts for religious freedom
Quakers Religious group started by William Penn and settled Pennsylvania - also known as the Society of Friends.
TransAtlantic Slave Trade Triangular route where colonists sold items like rum and guns for slaves in Africa, slaves were sold to the West Indies on the Middle Passage, and then slave traders would buy the slaves from the West Indies and sell to the Plantations in the south.
Mercantilism England only owned the colonies for their resources, they would buy resources cheaply, make manufactured goods and sell them back to the colonists at a high price. They told the colonists they could only sell to them.
Lexington/Concord The Shots Heard around the World. The opening shots of the Revolutionary War. The British were turned back on the Concord bridge and made to retreat all the way back to Boston.
Proclamation of 1763 Kept the Americans from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains
Stamp Act 1765 tax on legal document, playing cards, and dice. Everything had to be stamped showing payment of taxes.
Intolerable Acts The last straw for the British. This was enacted to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party.
"No Taxation without Representation" This was first used by colonists James Otis. This was heavily used as a chant during protesting. The colonists felt it was wrong to tax without any representation in parliament.
Bunker Hill First real battle of the Revolution. "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes."
Yorktown Last battle of the Revolution. Washington had the British surrounded by land, and the French navy by sea.
Saratoga Turning Point battle of the Revolution - France and Spain came to our aide and helped us win the war.
Declaration of Independence Written in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson - Official document that announced to the world our intentions to separate from Great Britain and the reasons why. "We hold these truths self evident that all men are created equal..."
Articles of Confederation The first constitution for our country - 1781. It was too weak to run the country - it gave the states too much power and the federal government not enough.
Created by: ddriskill
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