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STAAR Docs/Policies


was a short speech given by Lincoln at the cemetery for Battle of Gettysburg, inspired Union soldiers to keep fighting? The Gettysburg Address
What treaty was signed when Spain gave Florida to the US for 5 million? The Adams Onis Treaty
Imposed military control of Southern states and stated that they had to ratify the 14th amendment? Reconstruction Acts
established a government in the Northwest Territory and described rule to follow to become a state Northwest Ordinance
ended the war with Mexico and the US acquired Mexican Cession Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Placed restrictions on immigrants and restricted freedom of speech and press? Alien and Sedition Act
Preserved the balance between free states and slave states? Missouri Compromise
was the first document to limit the power of a ruler and signed by King John? Magna Carta
was the first American constitution, with a weak government and limited congress by giving power to the states? Articles of Confederation
was the first written constitution by Thomas Hooker? Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
set of laws and principles of the government of US, gave us 3 branches of government Constitution of the US
ended the French and Indian War and kicked the French out of North America Treaty of Paris 1763
protected the rights of English citizens and became the basis for American Bill of Rights English Bill of Rights
said that the US would not interfere in European affairs and the Latin American countries were off limits to European colonization Monroe Doctrine
required the Indians east of the Mississippi River to be moved to new lands in the west (Oklahoma) Indian Removal Act
was the executive order given by Lincoln that freed the slaves in the Confederacy? Emancipation Proclamation
declared that everyone born in the US was a citizen and entitled to equal rights regardless of race? gave us the 14th amendment Civil Rights Act of 1866
created two houses of congress based on population and equal representation The Great Compromise
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