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Progressive Era

Ch. 12

Cotton A crop whose price increased due to WW1 trade with Allied Powers
pandemic worldwide epidemic; killed 26 million in 1918
RFD Rural Free Delivery; program that helped deliver products directly to rural areas allowing farmers to order tools and supplies quickly.
Progressive Era Time when people began to turn to the government to fix economic and social problems.
Trust Combination of corporations that reduces competition; monopoly
trustbuster Attempt to break up trusts in industries such as railroads
Muckrakers Newspaper reporters and journalist who attempted to bring justice to immoral actions in the United States.
Upton Sinclair Author of The Jungle, exposed unsanitary conditions in meat packing industry
Federal Reserve System Independent government agency that regulates the banking and money system
19th Amendment Women's Suffrage; 1920
Richard I. Manning Progressive SC Governor; raised minimum working age to 14 and supported WWI
Allied Powers FURBI (France, US, Russia, Britain, Italy)
Trench warfare WWI strategy where opposing forces would attack from series of bunkers separated by No Man's Land
League of Nations First attempt at a worldwide peacekeeping organization (later replaced by United Nations)
MAIN causes of WWI Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, Nationalism
Treaty of Versailles Armistice that ended WWI
18th Amendment Prohibited the sale of alcohol
Teddy Roosevelt Trustbuster President
Ida Tarbell Muckraker who exposed Roosevelt and the Standard Oil Company
Jacob Riis Author of How the Other Half Lives; exposed tenement housing conditions
Robert M. LaFollette Aggressive WI politician who was the face of the Progressive party
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Fought for women's rights and wrote the Declaration of Sentiments
Archduke Franz Ferdinand His assassination triggered the start of WWI
Woodrow Wilson President who wrote the 14 Points Peace Plan and created the Federal Reserve
John C. Calhoun Not an answer on this test!!
Telephone Invention that drastically changed communication and created demand for operators
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