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Chapter 25

Budget A plan for making and spending money
Mandatory Spending Federal spending required by law that continues without the need for annual approvals by Congress
Discretionary Spending Spending for federal programs that must receive annual approval
Appropriations Bill Legislation earmarking funds for certain purposes
Social Security Federal program that provides monthly payments to people who are retired or unable to work
Medicare Government program that provides health care for the aged
Intergovernmental Revenue Funds one level of government receives from another level of government
Sales Tax Tax levied on a product at the time of sale
Property Tax Tax on land and property
Entitlement Program A program using eligibility requirements to provide health, nutritional, or income supplements to individuals
Subsidize To aid or promote with money
Surplus Situation in which government spends less than it collects in revenues
Deficit Situation in which government spends more than it collects in revenues
Bond Contract to repay borrowed money with interest at a specific time in the future
Debt Money borrowed and not yet paid back
Balanced Budget Annual budget in which expenditures equal revenues
Automatic Stabilizer Program that when needed provides benefits to offset a change in people's incomes
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