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Grade 12-Food Safety

What is a good way to put out a grease fire. Baking Soda
To avoid a steam burn when removing a lid from your pot you should Open lid away from you
In the fridge raw meat should be kept On the bottom shelf
The following temperature is known as the 40-60C or 40-140F Danger Zone
The only true way to make sure that your meat is cooked is to use a Thermometer
Never leave food on the counter for more than Two-hours
This food borne illness an cause kidney failure and death if not treated E-Coli
This food borne illness is found in raw and uncooked foods such as poultry, eggs and other meats Salmonella
The food borne illness is found in ready to eat foods Listeria
This is caused by a hypersensitive immune system. The body reacts as if a foreign substance has entered it. Food Allergy
This is caused by a hypersensitive digestive system. The body reacts as if a foreign substance has entered it. Food Intolerance
This occurs when a substance causes a severe allergic reaction in the body Anaphylactic Shock
This does not clean dirt off your hands but kills all bacteria Hand Sanitizer
You should wash your hands for a minimum of 20-seconds
Simmering and poaching are examples of what type of cooking method Moist Heat Cooking
Roasting and Broiling are examples of what type of cooking method Dry Heat Cooking
Braising is an example of what type of cooking method Combination Cooking
To cover food with a dry ingredient such as flour or bread crumbs Dredge
This cutting technique gives you the smallest piece Mince
To cook in a liquid just below the boiling point Simmer
To cook gently, in hot water Pouching
To make a very thin, straight cut on the surface of a food, such as the fat on a roast Score
A motion that gently blends two ingredients together such a whip cream into a mixture Fold In
The point at which food is irresistible Bliss Point
Your brain gets ticked into thinking you are not consuming calories Vanishing Caloric Density
Once you taste something you can't stop eating Sensory Specific Satiety
This additive preserves the colour of the food and increases the shelf life Antioxidants
This additive stops liquids from separating Emulsifiers
This knife is ideal for cutting the skin of fruits and vegetables Paring Knife
A knife is not safe when it is Dull
This contamination occurs at the source of where the food grown Direct Contamination
the process by which bacteria transferred from one food to another, with harmful effect. Cross Contamination
TSP Teaspoon
TBSP Tablespoon
Created by: SLillico
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