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WWI Quiz Vocab

Three Emperors’ League A secret agreement among the emperors of Germany, Austria Hungary, and Russia
Black Hand Serbian Nationalist organization that wanted to unite Bosnia and Herzegovina with Serbia
Schlieffen plan German War plan to take down France before Russia was ready to begin fighting
Ultimatum A final set of demands
Mobilization: Process of calling troops into active service
No man’s land Area between opposing sides trenches that was filled with barbed wire and land mines
Treaty of Brest Litovsk Treaty issued when Russia left the war; Russia loses 25% of land and population
Armistice An end to fighting
Fourteen Points Woodrow Wilson’s plan to prevent future international tensions
Versailles Treaty Peace Treaty that heavily punished germany and required Germany to take responsibility for the war
Reparation Payment for war damage
League of Nations International Alliance meant to prevent future wars through the communication of world leaders
Mandate Territories administered to the League of Nations but not owned by members.
Francis Ferdinand Heir to the throne of Austria Hungary (His assassination started the war)
Gavrilo Princip Bosnian Revolutionary who murdered Archduke Ferdinand
Vladimir Lenin Russian radical revolutionary during World War I
Berlin Conference Meeting to divide African lands that was held without Africa
Protectorate A country that has its own government but whose policies are directed by an imperial power
Colony possession that an imperial power controls directly
Sphere of Influence A region in which an imperial power claims exclusive investment and trading privileges
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