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Ch. 5-6 Vocab

Vocabulary from chapter 5 & 6 HSS

What is a deep valley formed by the movement of the earth's crust? rifts
What is name of the southern Sahara? sub-Suaran Africa
What is a strip that divides the desert from the wetter areas? Sahel
What is an open grassland with scattered trees called? savannah
Is there another name for a moist, densely wooded area? rain forests
What type of family includes a father, mother, children, and close relatives in one household? extended family
Is there a belief that bodies of water, animals, trees, and other natural objects have spirits? animism
What is another name for effect or result? impact
Whhat is the word for customary and time-honored? traditional
What is the name for a proess in which people exchange goods without ever contacting eachother directly? silent barter
Who got the empire of Ghana to reach its peak? Tunka Manin
According to the legend, who was the Mali's ruler that rose the power? Sundiata
Who was Mali's most famous ruler was a Muslim king? Mansa Musa
Who became the ruler of Songhai in 1464? Sunni Ali
Who overthrowed Sunni Baru, took the title askia, a title of high military rank? Askia the Great
What is a spoken record of past events? oral history
What was another name for West African storytellers? griots
What was a short saying of wisdom or truth? proverbs
What is a hand-woven, brightly colored fabric called? kente
What is a series of steps by which a task is accomplished go by? process
What is the word for the meaning of many types? various
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